CHAPTER II: Sebastian

Paperworks littered on my office floor and some are scattered on top of my table. I was busy doing my office work finalizing and making sure that everything is perfectly in order.

Running a business was the least thing I wanted to do in my bachelor life but I have no choice but to do what my father wants. Do not get me wrong, I have two other siblings that could ran this business. Payden, my younger brother wanted nothing to do with our family's business so when father insisted to have a family dinner one night and told us about him retiring soon, he already know what was about to happen next. That bastard, flew across the country to be an actor leaving me and my twin sister, Isla to run the business.

My sister on the other hand is already busy with her career and said she could not bare another stressful work and that she might destroy her "beautiful face" with a wrinkle that would form on her face so she declined the proposition of her being the one to run the family's business. I was about to decline also but dad gave me no other choice or else he will cut my credit cards off.

What my dad wants, dad gets.

What he says he will do, he will do it.

I pressed two fingers on the bridge of my nose, trying to clear up my head. I sighed loudly and ran my fingers through my hair when someone knocked on my door.

Cora stepped inside my office wearing her signature smirk trying to be sexy with her skimpy dress that hugged her body. The way women dressed up like a scarlet woman to make a man noticed them is a mystery to me but I am not the one to complain as I enjoy having fun with being able to get into their pants.

"Hey babe" hearing her voice annoy me but I will not tell her that 'cause she is the easiest one to get into their pants, throwing herself at me everytime

"Not now Cora, I'm busy" she ignored my protest and continue making her way towards me swaying her hips trying to make me turn on. She stops at my table putting both her hands on it, leaning forward so that her chest were just a few inches from my face.

Looking at my frustrated face urge her more to lean closer and whisper seductively, "How about a quick fun time?" Being frustrated and annoyed at the same time, I roughly grab the back of her head and kiss her.

She gladly welcome my mouth as she started kissing back, opening her mouth so that I could enter my tounge.


"Get out!" I said as I started to button my dress shirt after our quick session.

She immediately get dressed and tidy herself to look more presentable as she started to walk out from my office door

"Oh and Cora? " she turned quickly with a hope in her eyes for another round.

"Yes, Mr. Schulz?" I rolled my eyes at her professionalism.

"You don't have to come to the office starting today anymore" I said.

Curiousity and excitement envisioned in her eyes but that soon vanished as she heard my next sentence

"You are fired"


"Sebastian Quinnel Caz Schulz! What the hell were you thinking!?"

I looked up to see my sister, Isla marched towards my direction looking all too pissed.

"What are you talking about, sis?" I asked

"Don't you sis me! Why have I just been notified that you fired another person again!? "

Ahhhh, so this is what we are going to talk about.

Even though my sister, Isla does not want to be a part of our family's company she was left with no choice but to work as one of our brand models. My dad insisted her to work as one of our models to boast our reputation.

CazoS Enterprise is best known as a "family oriented" business because all of us are working for our company even Payden, my brother.

"So what? You can just find a replacement of it. Have your ways sister"

"Do you think it is easy to find a replacement Quinnel!? It is in the middle of the year for christ sake! It is hard to find a decent woman to work for you! Why can't you just separate your own needs and the business!?" She yelled.

Maybe, you are wondering why she is handling it seriously and make it a big deal. Well, my sister is also the one in charge to hire people as to she has the best taste in hiring people.

Cora, my current secretary is very good at doing her job well. It just sucked that she is one of those girls that would fall for my looks and money.

"I am not in the rush anyway. I can do all the works alone for a while while you are still searching for a replacement. I got it, do not worry" I reassured her.

Sighing, "When will you grow up, bro? You are already twenty-five and you are still acting like a child"  She said.

"We are not going to talk about this again, Isla. You know I do not have time to date girls. It is all about pleasure dear sister, no commitment. And I am not going to find a woman to tie my life with" I said as I already know where this is going.

My sister worries that I 'whore' around too much and is not going to find a girl that I could tie knots with. Hell no, I am enjoying my life and no woman can take all the fun.

"Just think about it, bro. We are not going to be young forever. Someday you are going to meet the person you are destined to be with and you do not want to hurt her by knowing that her destiny is one of a total loser" She said

"I know, I know. Now stop pestering me about tying my knots with a girl and go find a replacement of Cora"

I am young, and while you are still young, you gotta enjoy life.

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