CHAPTER III: Job Hunting

I leaned back in my bed's headboard and peeked out my bedroom window at the pavement covered in thick layers of snow before sitting back upright and adjusting the pillow on my lap with my laptop placed on top of it.

It has been two hours since I arrived at my apartment. It was a large-sized house designed by Taiwanese designer

that showcase the firm's ability to play with texture, light and minimalism.

The focal point and most dramatic feature of this space is the high ceilings. Representing themselves with only a smidgen of light and a solitary roof fan, the eye is in a split second drawn up by the vertical lines and natural light.

The room, which utilizes an equalization of natural tones, wood, and stone, feels very in contact with nature. In a way, it is a cutting edge take on what one may feel while sitting in a backwoods. The fan, a cool wind. The enormous windows, the daylight. The wood encompassing the space and specking the decorations? The trees that encompass you.

The view from the living area out into the hallway is a unique one. It feels as if you are looking toward the sun, even though it is only a uniquely placed lighting sconce. In the bedroom, the same wood tones carry through in the floor and room divider, which doubles as both part of the wardrobe and headboard. A built-in vanity stands across the room next to the terrace windows.

The closet space is ample. Clever touches that save on space or clutter can be found throughout the apartment, like the bedside lamps, matching wood nightstand, and walkthrough closet area. Windows to the side and behind the bed make the room feel bright and airy, along with the fixtures positioned close to the walls.

Dad insisted that I choose a big and cozy place to stay despite my want to to have a small one.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I have been staring at the screen in front of me for half an hour looking for a job that qualifies my resume. I only put an information that is needed and did not include those information that stands out as I do not want them to know that I came from a rich family.

I doubt it that there will be someone to hire me because of my capabilities and not because of my family's wealth. I mean, people hire me to become their business partner giving me offers that obviously talks more about profits and making a contract that they will be having more benifits than sharing it fairly.

I stopped scrolling as something caught my attention,

Direct Hiring for Secretary.


•Must be a bachelor's degree holder.

•With good verbal and and written communication skills and has language facility.

•Computer literate and technology savvy.

•Must have good interpersonal relations.

•Meticulous with details and has organizational, as well as time management skills.

•Willing to do other jobs that may be assigned

If you have these qualifications please email us your resume to

"Ahhh!!" I squealed, this is what I needed. Finally, a decent job! I have been having trouble finding one as it is in the middle of the year and its rare to see a company having a vacancy for secretary especially its a busy day.

The salary rate is not bad , its like it was made just for me. It is a coincidental matter as I am in need of a job and its only been hours. I immidiately sent my resume to the email attached at the bottom of the site.

I stretched my legs and arms, they have been aching due to not moving for so long and getting out of bed to unpack. I did not unpack my things after I arrived at the apartment as I immediately engrossed myself of job hunting.


"You pig!"

I smiled, knowing already who it was but quickly replaced the smile on my face into a frown and putting one hand on my chest faking a hurt expression on my face.

"Ouch, you have wounded my heart. What did I do to you to say such thing? " I said looking at the trio .

"Why did you not tell us that you are in Manhattan!? Hell, you could have told us that you are planning to come here so that we could of fetch you at the airport!"

"You deserved to be called a pig 'cause you eat like one."

The twins, Haines and Claude said at the same time. These two have been my bestfriend since daycare and we have been inseparable. I mean, they saved me when someone bullied me and they have been having my back after that. They are my other halves and I will not trade them for the world.

"Well, I wanted to surprise you guys and seeing that you are all here I am guessing my parents told you about me in Manhattan and I am sure my sister, Illyria did not tell you as to she is busy with her career and does not know about my plans" I said.

"Bummer, you should of have told us anyway or else your face will not be covered with pies." Before I could react and ask what Emmaline is saying, my face are already covered with pies.

"What the cow!" I screamed, as they continued to throw pies at my face. I did not see them bringing something so where does it come from?

"Serves you right"

"I did not see you guys bringing something hell when did you even have the tendency to plan something so cruel!?" I yelled as I tried clearing some pies off of my face so that I could see.

"Well, you do realize that you are in the kitchen,right? And we are not called *devil trio* for nothing, and you already know that." Claude explained with his sassy attitude.

Realizing that I am indeed in the kitchen. I have forgotten about that as I am anxiously waiting for the response of the company I am applying. Its been 5hrs and still no response from them. I really hope that I am qualified to have an opportunity to be interviewed.

"Anyways, care to give us an explanation about your sudden departure?" Emmaline said.

"And no, you cannot make us wait for tomorrow for you to tell us. We do not care that you just arrived hours ago and we all know that you are far from sleepy seeing you loss in your thoughts before we arrived here." Haines said as I was about to protest.

Sighing loudly and raking a hand through my hair as I do not have an escape to their interrogation.

"I just thought that living in a wealthy life and receiving luxurious things does not make me happy anymore. I mean, it makes me happy but I just think that I do not deserve it. You know what had happened years ago naman diba? Plus I am not doing something to earn that luxurious things and definitely did not sweat myself to get those. My parents just spoiled me with it but I know they put an effort to buy me something expensive and I do not want that. Maybe this is the chance to find myself and until then I am able to enjoy knowing I earned it and move forward with my life." I explained to them.

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