CHAPTER VI: Job Interview Part Two

"Ms. Mcfeller?", asked the woman whom I presumed was Mrs. Proy.

I almost did not see her. She had a petite figure. I was almost a head taller than she was. She had a stern expression on her face. Her black-grey hair was tied neatly in a bun. She looked around in her mid 50's.

"That is me," I replied quickly raising my right hand.

"You are late." She stated looking at her wrist watch as she walk towards an office. I immediately followed behind her, knowing all too well that I am pretty late which was because of a jerk that was selfish enough to share an elevator.

Does he even own it!?

If I lose this job interview I swear I am going to haunt him down and beat the daylights out of him.

"This is just an interview and you are already late Ms. Mcfeller. Even though you have not gotten the job yet, it is a common knowledge to not be late for things like this. All of us are busy, I understand that, but you must know how to have a time management. Our employees are expected to be at least five to ten minutes early and never late. If you pass my interview for you, let me make this clear- do not be late. Your boss, the chief of executive hates tardiness. He will fire you immediately." Mrs. Proy said.

I clearly understand that. No one wants their employees to be late.

"I apologise for being late, it will not happen again." I apologized still walking towards the office.

As we got closer the office, I saw a nameplate nailed neatly on the door that said, Linda Proy, Human Resourcement Manager. She opened the door and let me in first before stepping inside and shut the door close.

Her office was family decent. A desktop computer sat on her desk along with an office telephone. A leather couch sat near the door with a matching coffee table.

She motioned the seat in front of her for me to sit down before continuing, "I will get straight to the point since we are out of time. Why do you need this job?" She asked, watching me intently waiting for a response.

I hesitated for a few seconds. Should I tell her everything? True, I do badly need this job as it will help me having to live independently but I did not like getting pity nor praising from others. "Long story short, I just moved into this town and I need a decent job that pays fairly," I explained.

Mrs. Proy was silent for a couple of minutes, letting the information I told her to process in her mind before looking up from her hands with a smile.

"Okay, you passed this procedure. All you need to do is to go to the room three doors away from this room and wait for your turn." Mrs. Proy said.

Her words made a wide smile to etched into my face as I stood up from seat and grabbed her hands shaking it.

"Oh my God! Thank you so much!" I beamed while shaking her hands which she gladly returned, smiling.

"You are welcome, dear. Good luck." She said.

With another thank you, I walked outside her office and headed to the room that she was talking about.

Muttering a prayer in my head as I open the door knob, my eyes instantly scan the room and I swear I almost had my mouth hang wide open because there is a lot of applicants applying for this job.

Should I back out?


"Ms. Mcfeller?"

I stood up as I heard my name. It had been one hour since I arrived at the CazoS Enterprise and the interview was surprisingly quick because when I came inside this room there was at least one hundred applicants.

And by the looks of those girls who just got interviewed told me that the one who is interrogating them is hard to please.

"Please, come this way" the woman who has been going in and out of the room to assist the interviewees motioned for me to follow as she leads me towards the office door which has a sign "Mr. Schulz" on it.

"Goodluck, I wish you all the best." the lady said.

"Thank you" I replied.

Taking a deep breathe, I knock on the closed door three times before stepping back slightly as I wait for the voice on the other side of the door to signal me to come inside.

"Come in" The man, who I presume as Mr. Schulz said. His voice is powerful and very stoic yet too familiar.

Twisting the door knob and coming inside the office. Hmmm, not bad. I thought as I scan the room.

His office is large and simple. He only have a big couch placed at the left side of the door, a glass window that showcase the entire city, a expensive bookshelf and a table filled with a lot of papers on top of it.

"Ms. Mcfeller? Are you just going to remain standing there while ogling my office or are you going to sit so that we can start with the interview? You see, I am a very busy man and you are already wasting my time here." The man said, irration is clear in his voice.

The more I heard his voice, the more familiar it sounded. Hmm. Where did I hear this voice?

I just could not remember. I had to take a look and see and the moment I looked away and stopped ogling his office, I looked at where he stood and there he was.

Gracious Mary! Isn't that the jerk from earlier at the elevator!?

Standing in front of me, glaring at me with his burning eyes once again, was the same man I saw from earlier. The same light brown haired man. The all black suit. Bulging veins on his neck. Hands clenching in anger.

The moment our eyes met, I could see recognition flicker in his eyes.

"You!" He yelled.

I could already tell that this man is a total douche bag. I mentally rolled my eyes and goes to sit at the seat that was placed in front just an inches away from him.

"Oh! Uh, I a-am sorry, Sir." I said, apologizing.

I could not bare losing this opportunity, can't I? Not now that I have manage to come this far to be facing in front of this powerful man.

"Whatever. Now, Ms. Mcfeller. Tell me about yourself" he said as he professionaly sit in his char with both hands on the table, looking intensely at me completely forgetting about the commotion earlier.

"My name is Audrey-Khloe Linnett Oakley Mcfeller, I am--" I started but he interrupted me.

"Can we skip the part where you recite what was written on your resume, Ms. Mcfeller? I have eyes, and I can read them clearly." He said getting more irritated.

Clearing my throat and composing my self as I sit uncomfortably in front him,

Come on Audrey, you have to do this. You have been preparing for this.

"C-currently, u-hmm I worked as a personal assistant at one of the biggest company in the Philippines. Fro-om my two years of experience as a personal assistant,

I have built up the capacity to foresee barricades and make powerful elective plans. My most prominent incentive to any official is my capacity to work autonomously, saving their chance to concentrate on the necessities of the business.

It is clear that you are searching for somebody who comprehends the subtleties of dealing with a Chief's bustling day and can proactively handle issues. As somebody with an eye for detail and a drive to arrange, I thrive on making sure every day has a clear plan and every plan is clearly communicated."

He seem satisfied with my answer as he leans forward and sets his elbows on the desk, tenting his fingers at his chin.

"How would you describe yourself?" he asked.

"I would say that as a personal assistant and independent woman, I am vigilant, proactive, committed to ensure that my work is done accordingly and to avoid any mistake.

I am enthusiastic about my work. Since I love what I do, I have a consistent wellspring of inspiration that drives me to give a valiant effort. In my last occupation, this enthusiasm drove me to challenge myself every day and learn new abilities that helped me to accomplish better work.

I am likewise exceptionally composed. I generally take notes, and I utilize a progression of devices to assist myself with keeping steady over cutoff times. I like to keep a spotless workspace and make a legitimate documenting strategy so I am generally ready to discover what I need. I discover this builds effectiveness and helps the rest of the team to stay on track , as well." I said.

What I said is partly true. I have lead a team when I was working in one of our companies and having an experience helps me improve myself but after an unexpected tragedy, my dad decided that I was better staying at home.

"Okay, that is it for today. My receptionist will just call you and let you know if you got the job or not. You can go out now" whaaat? That is it? No more interrogation?

"Thank you, Mr. Schulz. Have a good day"

Not. I said mentally as I walked out of his office. This guy! I swear, if this is not a job interview I would slap that precious face of his. Does he even have manners? How could he just end the interview like that?

Some companies would ask many question to make sure that they will hire the right person whose fit to have the job but this guy is different.

What!? No! Shut up Audrey! What precious face are you talking about!? That face is far from precious! It is more like an ugly crocodile's face. No! Crocodiles have a beautiful face. He just have the worst and ugliest face on earth!

As I walked out of the elevator door, Zoey noticed me right away and offered me a reassuring smile.

"How did it go?" she said.

"It was okay. It was like you have just been interviewed by a devil" I said

"I feel you, I was having the same thought as well when I am still on your shoes. Mr. Schulz can be too much" she said chuckling as she looked at my horrified and annoyed face.

"Yeah, he is. Very. "

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