"No, I am not going with you" I said as I took a sip of my coffee.

My friends wants to go to this 'amazing' club that recently just got opened and they have been bothering me ever since I came back from the interview.

The interview.

Just by pondering it makes my head spin with rage. How would I be able to not? That loser prick thinks he is all-powerful on the grounds that he owns the company. I swear, if I do not need that job I would slap that smirk off of his face.

For what reason are the rich individuals so presumptuous? Indeed, they do have the money and have a much force than those destitute individuals however how could an individual be so haughty? Do they by any chance have manners?

Arghhh!!!! I need to do something to forget all about the interview. Aside from my blood boils when I see and think of that dumbass I am hella anxious! What's more, I am frantic in getting the position.

"Gracious, stop being such a party pooper, akom" Claude said using his nickname for me when we were just kids.

"I am not being a party pooper, barron" I said emphasizing his second name which resulted to him scrunching his nose in disgust.

"And besides, you three would just leave me anyways. Remember the last time we went clubbing? Yes. You three did left me all alone." I continued narrowing my eyes as I glare at them.

"We did not! We simply lost each other in light of the fact that the club was full! You know we would not leave you, akom. And just so you know, we did looked for you" Haines said.

"Yeah, sure you DID looked for me to the point that I find myself hailing a taxi to go home" I said rolling my eyes as I rem​i​nisce what happened years ago.

Year  2017, exactly three years from now when that happened. 

"Come on dreeeeeyyyy just this oneee pleaseee? "





"I said no and that is final"


Thick smoke fills my lungs as we stroll into the entryway patio of the 'hangover', the club that my friends have been pestering me to go to.

Who would name their club 'hangover'? Its so odd to name it after the aftereffects of drinking liquor. The owner must be insane not to come up a one of a kind name.

As we enter the club, the smell of alcohols blended in with a nicotine filled the whole spot and music blare . I scrunched my nose.

Why in the world did I agree to come? This is a major lament!

"Lets go get some drinks!" Haines yelled as we could not hear each other well due to the loud music and people shouting from enjoyment.

We head towards the bar and ordered our drinks. The guys ordered a flaming rainbows grenadine orange juice vodka while I ordered zombie.

Zombie tiki cocktail is not your average liquor to drink at the bar but I need something strong that can make me forget about my day.

The potable was so potent, it had turned the people who drinks it into a zombie.

No, I did not mean it literally turned you into a zombie once you drink it.

The drink contains not one, not two, but THREE different types of rum of varying potency.

"Ahhh its so nice to have a girls night with you here, akom" Haines said as we all sit at the empty spot that we have luckily found.

"Missed me that much,huh?" I teased him which resulted to him rolling his eyes.

"You bet. It just feel so surreal that you are finally here in Manhattan. Before, you do not want to come with us but now? Its a big news for all of us" sipping at his drink he replied as the rest just laughed.

"I know. Even for me too, it felt so surreal that I have finally come to decide to live on my own now."

I said as I think about those moment wherein I still refused to come with them. I used to be too dependent on my parents and was oblivious about the beautiful things in the world if you will just come out of your shell.

But now, I am glad that I decided to be independent and chose to start a new life in Manhattan along side with my three bestfriends.


WARNING: This scene contains mature content (18+). If you do not want to read, you can skip, read at your own risk.

"Hey babe, what is a pretty girl like you sitting all alone here?"

Tearing my gaze away from my drink and look up to see a man sitting next to me wearing his flirtatious smile as his eyes locked onto my own.

Ewww. I thought. Is he seriously expecting me to fall for his crap? Hell no! That was the worst approach.

I choose to ignore him as I do not want a guy to be hitting on me. All they wanted was sex and I am not interested.

"Playing hard to get huh, babe?" Looks like this man won't stop.

I stood up from the bar stool and make my way towards the exit seeing that this guy is not going to stop unless he gets what he wants.

Its been one hour since we got here and the guys is no where to be seen.

After our little chitchats in the booth they decided to hit the dancefloor which I declined. At first I was watching them having fun letting their bodies feel the beat of the music but my drink got empty so I went to the bar and linger there while waiting for my boos to come and join me.

I was having fun with my alone time but that bastard decided to ruin it so I had no other choice but to walk out from the bar.

As I was about to hail a cab, someone suddenly put their hands on my hips and my mouth refraining me to shout for help.

The person throw me at his shoulder and leads me to a dark alley.

I am starting to get scared. I do not know who this guy is and what he wants from me. All I know is that this person who is carrying me right now is a man due to its broad shoulders and bulky legs.

"Help! Someone please help me!" I said the moment the man threw me on his shoulder leaving my mouth uncovered.

"Shut up you witch!"

As soon as he put me down he slapped me hard on the face. I look up to see whose my abductor and saw that it was the same man at the bar! I should have known this man is dangerous.

Hell, I should have stayed at the bar! That way, there is alot of people and will give him no chance to abduct me.

Way to go Audrey.

"Let me go! What do you want from me!?" I yelled fighting back as I tried to escape from his hold.

"Stop that babe, you are only making me more randy. You know, when you walked out from me, that action made me more turned on babygirl. You do not want me to hurt you, do you? " he said. Lust filled in his eyes as he runs his fingertips on my face.

I stopped in my tracks. His words. His looks. The way he looked at me is the same as what those monsters used to look at me.

"Please let me go" I begged.

"Eff babe. That sound so sexy." what the hell!?

I spat at his face and kneed him on the groin as he started to get distracted by the sound of me begging him to let me go.

I started running as soon as he dropped down the floor.

Gosh! How far did he take me!? I have been running for five minutes now and it looks like I am just running in circles.

Looking around for some spot to hide that is not visible to that bastard but I found nothing. The place is so secluded! I am so doom! My phone is in my purse and I left it at the bar as I was in a hurry to escape.


"Not so fast, baby"   he screamed.

Startled, I quickly turn around to see the same man smirking at me as he stride towards my direction.

"Please , just let me go! I promise I will give you money, just let me go please!" Tears started to fall as I beg at the man in front of me.

"Baby, I do not need your money. I just need your body. Now, stop being such a brat and lets have some fun. I promise you it will be worth for your time" He said.

"No, no, no ,no ,no. No!!!!!!!" I screamed, kick, and punch the moment he reached where I am at and pinned me down.

He started to tear the top of my dress leaving me only in a bra and panty as my dress started to rise up, the cloth of my dress lays on my stomach.

"Eff babe, you are hot." As soon as he said that he kissed my cleavage and started to suck on my neck.

"Please stop! Help! Somebody help me!!! Help!!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs hoping that someone would pass by and help me.

"Shut up you witch!" He said as he slapped my face and covered my mouth with his hand.

"Well, thats not a nice thing to do to a girl. I suggest you let go of her or else you are dead." A voice said.


And with that everything went black.

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