Sebastian's P.O.V.

"Where the hell is Rivera?" I asked.

We are currently at the bar that my friend Cassius owned. It just recently opened and we are celebrating his success.

His bar 'hangover' got opened two days ago but we were all too busy to have the time to celebrate.

I have been busy interviewing those applicants that wants to become my secretary. My sister refused to do the job because she wants to teach me a 'lesson', like that would ever make me stop enjoying my bachelor's days.

Seriously though, my sister thinks she can lecture me just because she got born before me. She is just two minutes older than me! And she thinks she can boss me around. 

Damn, women.

All the ladies that are applying for the job is just after my body, I can tell. By the looks they have given me every chance they got thinking that I was not paying attention to their actions.

The males on the other hand, they were not too suitable to become my secretary. I swear, they do not even deserve to have the qualifications to have the interview. They are just wasting my time!

I lost hope in finding a secretary after the 99th person I have interviewed. The lady, no, that weird girl might I add would sniff all the time due to her having a runny nose. I immediately dismiss her. I could not bare to have someone in the same floor as me have a weak immune system! And I am a clean freak and do not want to get my building filled with germs.

But one woman caught my attention. She intimidated my well-being. I mean no woman can ever intimidate me but this one, she is different. I have never seen a decent woman so simple yet have this aura that can steal your attention.

I always get this feeling that this woman did not come from a low class family. I swear, just by looking at her soft and bright skin tells me that she have been taking good care of it and no woman that is poor to have that skin because most of them is too busy to even care about themselves.

Plus, this woman even have the guts to humiliate me like that!? How dare she!? The event that took over earlier at the morning made me so furious! Argh!! But I have to discard my personal feelings because it is work what we are talking about. And I am in need of a secretary so I set aside our little incident and continued on with the interview.

At least I know how to differentiate my personal feelings and professional one.

Stress from work and that thought, Langston and Cassius walk in like sensing my mood.

And that leads us to where we are at. The boys have nothing to do and Cassius have been trying to get us off from our works since the opening of his club but failed.

But now here we are, inside the VIP room all settled in our seats with Langston no where in sight.

He excused himself because his wife called. Yes, that fucker actually got married. I never thought that a day would come that our friend would actually settle down, yet I have never thought that he was thinking of tying his knots to only one woman.

Its been two hours now and Langston still have not come back. Did his wife called for another 'preggy cravings'?

"Maybe his wife got him wrapped around her little fingers again" Cassius said as we both laugh at the thought.

"Ouch, you think so low of me, man"

Speaking of the devil. We look up to see Langston walk in and stride towards our direction looking all too tired, sweats are visible in him.

"What took you so long?" I calmly asked as I lean on the seat's back padding.

"Sorry, harper tend to get some evening cravings and had to buy it for her and when I was on my way here I heard a voice" he explained.

"Whipped" I said shaking my head as I laugh.

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. You heard a voice?" Cassius asked, sitting straight from his seat and look at Langston, curiousity is filled in his eyes.

"Yes, a voice of plea." Langston said.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I take an interest about what happened outside while we were here enjoying ourselves in a club.

"A plea of a girl that almost got raped." now this is got my full attention to the man infront of me as he started to explain.

"When I am almost at the club, I passed by a dark alley. The alley where some of a bastards do their dirty works.  As I passed by that alley, I heard a voice that sounded like asking for help. At first I ignored it thinking that it is just my imagination to hear things but I heard it again and this time it is louder than before. Curious, I decided to check on what was happening and thats when I saw two figures. One was laying on the ground while the other one was on top of it. As I neared to where they are at, I realized that it is a man and a woman and the woman's condition is not good as her body was covered nothing but only her undergarments. I thought that it is just their way of pleasuring themselves but as I witnessed the man hurting the woman, my instinct tells me that I need to intervene" he paused.

He is in a deep thought and something was bothering him, I am sure of that. By the looks of it, we are not gonna like the next thing that was about to come out of his mouth.

I was about to ask him what is it about but he cut me off.

"What is  more worst is that our enemy, one of the Smith's gang is involved"  He said.

"Who is it?" I asked.

Rage. That is what I am feeling right now. Its not a new news to me anymore but hearing the name Smith made my hands curl into a ball.

That motherfuckers! They have dared to cause another sin again!

What Langston said next makes me bolt up from my seat and slam my hands on the table. Anger is visible on my eyes.

"Its Peter, Peter Smith."

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