CHAPTER IX: You are Hired

I swayed my hips in front of Zach with his hands on my hips as we dance along to the music.

"Mio, stop doing that or so help me God, I will not be able to control my self" growled Zach as he tighten his hold on my hips.

"Come on Zaaaaachhh!!! Just feel the moment!!! Do not ruin the fuuuunnnn!!!!" I slurred out, ignoring Zach's complaint and continue grinding my body in front of him.

Be careful. He said. I cannot help you. He said. If he beats you I will not be able to stop them. He said.

I should of have listened to him. I should of have take his warning for me. I should of not have followed him.

I should of not. But my curiousity brings out in me and here I am now looking at the monster in front of us as I hide behind Zach.

It is good to know I have someone on my side.

I swallowed, trying desperately to push down the fear rising in my throat.  Fear dulled the mind and I could not allow it.

"Give her to me" said one of those monsters.

"No, stay her out of this mate." uttered Zach holding his hand out in a protective manner.

"You have a tasked Zackhary! Boys! You know what to do!" the monster roared out and men started to appear out of nowhere and lunged at us each holding an item.

"All right, run! Do you think you can escape !?" laughed one of the monsters chasing me.

I kept running because I knew I am next, and they would do the same to me too when they caught me. 

I should of not come here in the first place! You really are stupid Audrey! Stupid !!!!! 

"Where are you going!?" smiled the demon man who is chasing after me as he pulled my hair from behind.

"No!, No!  please stop! Stop! I am begging you! ", I begged but he seemed to hear nothing. I was trembling with fear when suddenly someone grabbed me.


"Akom, wake up." I bolt up from my bed,  beads of sweat flowed down from my forhead, my lungs were slowly filling with water, as if there was just less space in them for the air. Inflating them felt like pushing up a lead weight on my chest. 

"It was just a nightmare girl. It was just a nightmare." 

Yes nightmare, it was just a nightmare. 

I have not been having these nightmares for years now, why is it happening this time? 

What happened?

I massage my head as they started throbbing from the nightmare and looked at who woke me up and saw that it was Claude.

"Hey babe, how are you?" He asked, looking all too worried.


"Hey babe, what is a pretty girl like you sitting all alone here?"

"Playing hard to get huh?"

"Fuck babe, you are so hot."

"Shut up, you b*tch!"

Suddenly, flashbacks came into my mind after hearing the word 'babe'.

I immidiately got up from my bed as what happened last night occurred to me.

I nearly got raped! RAPE!

"HOLY CRAP!" I shouted that made Claude startled.

Panick, scared, anger, terrified. That is what I feel right now.

Panick, because I almost got raped to someone who in the first place I do not know at all.

Scared, because who would not feel scared if you are about to witness that something precious for you is going to be gone to a complete psycho!

Anger, because that bastard have the tendency to do such thing. Who in their right mind would do that! I swear, he is lucky that I do not know him or else I would sue him and make sure that he ends up behind the bar!

Oh wait, I would definitely make sure that he goes to jail after putting me in a hell situation! Whether I know him or not! Arghhhh!!!!

And lastly, I am hella terrified! I thought that was the end for me but luckily someone came to rescue.

"Well, thats not a nice thing to do to a girl. I suggest you let go of her or else you are dead"

I remember him saying that before I fainted. I never even got the chance to say thank you nor got the chance to see how he looks like, who he is.

I owe my life to that guy.

I sunk back into my bed, pulling both my knees close to my chest in a sitting position as I put my arms around my knees, tears started to flow from my face. I burried my face in my arms to hide my shame in front of my friend.

"Hey girl, its okay, its gonna be okay." Claude said, running his hand on my back in a soothing manner.

"No, its not. I almost got raped Claude. What if that happened to me? My life would be over." I said.

Tears continued to fall from my eyes as the memories from last name keep on flashing back.

"I am sorry, akom. We are very sorry. If we did not let you be alone, this is not gonna happen. I am sorry." He said feeling the guilt.

I did not say anything as I continue to cry. I could not believe this! I know it was a mistake to go to that club! Hell, it was a mistake to walked out of the club.

How I wish I could rewind things that had happened.


"Uh no, I am not definitely going to buy that!" I said, horrified expression plastered on my face as I look at the skirt that was being held up in front of me.

The skirt's length is too short for my likings! My butt would stick out if I bend down.

Currently, my friends have pursuaded me to come to the mall to buy an attire for my work.

Yes, you heard it right. I have work. Which means that I got the job at CazoS Enterprise!

After my crying session at my bedroom, Claude succeeded on bringing me to the kitchen where Emmaline and Haines are busy making me a hangover soup.

They knew what happened to me last night. It looks like they have had come looking for me after I was no where in sight at the bar.

Sensing that something had happened to me because I am not that kind of a person who would of have bailed on her friends nor leave without a phone by their side.

So they went looking for me and took them two hours to find me being carried bridal style by a stranger.

And that stranger saved my life.

They explained to me exactly what my saviour told them what had happened. And that explains why I got home safe and sound.

After explaining and discussing on what we should do for the day seeing as we have nothing to do about, my phone suddenly rung interrupting our little 'meeting'.

And with that, it leads us to where we are at right now.

"Oh come on, its not even that short, akom! You are just exaggerating." Haines argued.

"Say that to the one who almost got raped, Haines." I argued back, rolling my eyes.

The guy infront of me sighed as he raked a hand to his hair as a sign of him being stressed.

I could not blame him though, even I me is stress about the events that had happened. It was just like what? Four days since I landed here in Manhattan and so much had already happened.

Wow, what a way of welcoming me here New York.

I thought sarcastically with a hint of bitterness in my voice.

"You do not have to keep on reminding me that, akom. We are all feeling so sorry that we could not protect you there. Hell, we regreted leaving you all alone by yourself." Haines said as the three of them looked at me with their 'I am sorry, please forgive us' look.

Sighing, I smiled at them as I continued to roam around the clothing section looking for a perfect outfit for my first of day job.

I did not press the matter more deeply as I know that it is not their fault that had happened to me. I just let myself think that everything that had happened in my life has a reason and I trust the almighty man above us all that he have things under control, he have my life under control.

"How about this one?"

I broke out from my trance as I heard Emmaline's voice from the background. I look up from the piles of clothes that I had been having an interest as I zoned out from my thoughts.

"Huh?" I asked confused on what she is talking about.

"I said, how about this one?"  Emmaline repeated what she said as she hold a piece of clothing in front of me.

The piece in front of me is magnificent. Perfect, might I add.  It is a sky blue sleeveless blouse and a beige trouser matched with the beige blazer. To top it all, the blouse have a ribbon in the center which makes it perfect for the entire attire.

It is so gorgeous! I definitely would buy this one!

"Oh My God! Emma, its beautiful!" I exclaimed, feeling fascinated at the masterpiece in front of me.

"I know, right? You should not leave this boutique without buying this." She said as she emphasize each word she had said pinpointing that this matter is not going to have an argument.

"Yes, of course." I said as we walk towards the counter where the cashier collect our payements.

"Will that be all, Ma'am? " the cashier whose name is 'monica' said as she bagged our items.

"Yes that would be all, Monica" she have a shocked placed on her face as I called her by her name.

Hmm. Probably not used to having a customer calling her by her name.

I thought as she recovered from being shocked and handed me the shopping bag.

"Thank you." I said as I offered her a smile and a small tip for being such a nice employee.

They deserve my respect. People who are passionate to their job and generous to the customers deserve my respect and this lady in front of me is one of those who deserve it.

"Have a nice day, Ma'am" she exclaimed sounding so happy to the tip I have given her.

I just smiled as my friends and I exited the boutique.

"Ahhhhh, I am hungry" Haines blurt out the moment we walked out of the shop.

"I second that" Claude said.

"You two are always hungry, it does not surprise me anymore" Emmaline said rolling her eyes.

"We are not" the two exclaimed in unison.

"Where do you guys want to eat? I am hungry too anyway" I declared to shut them up and not to cause any scene that might get the attention of the people around us.

"McDonald's!" The twins once again said in unison.

"Kids" I heard Emmaline muttered under her breath.

I just laugh and link my arms with her as we follow the twins.

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