CHAPTER XII: Own Pleasure


WARNING: This scene contains mature content (18+). If you do not want to read, you can skip, read at your own risk.

"Yes! Oh! Yes! Seb right there! Faster! " I rolled my eyes at the woman in front of me. We just met today and now she already have a pet name for me? This woman is annoying the hell out of me.

If it is not for her cunt, I would not tolerate her actions. I pounded inside her for the fifth time in a row and sucked her right breast and gripped the other one. I found out that she loved it when I focus my mouth's attention towards her breast as I fuck her hard.

"Oh yes! That is the spot! Hit it! Oh Sebby! Harder babe! Harder!"

I was about to pound harder like she said but the ringing sound echoed around the whole room.

I got up and was about to ge

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