CHAPTER XVI: Who is back?

The obvious smell of blanch was overpowering. I scrunched my eyes at the splendid light that was tasting through my shut eyelids. I felt weak and substantial. I was unable to move my hand, my head or my body. Beeping noises came from the distance, they echoed until transforming into an endless ringing tone.

It was too loud.

I lay there discreetly, keeping my eyes shut, coordinating my breaths to the signaling of the machines that encompassed the bed, the main signs of my pulse, my reality. My legs were numb.

I heard faint rushed voices, some of them seemed familiar and some, not so much. They talked worriedly, and sometimes agitatedly from all around me and no matter how hard I tried, I could not grasp the meaning of their words nor locate the source of the voices.

Where am I? Interest gradually got into my swollen eyes to meet a grim perspective on a whitewashed wall encompassed me.

I tri

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