CHAPTER XVII: What is wrong when playing along?

"Who is back?" 

My head snapped towards the source of voice and my eyes widened. 

Sh*t! I forgot he is in the same room!

"No one." I answered very much quickly to my liking, squirming on the bed feeling uncomfortable at his ocean eyes. 

He stared at me, making an eye contact contest on who is going to break the eye contact, but he was determined not to look away first. I was certain that he knew I was trying to hide something from the moment where he pinned me to the wall last night to asked about that box but I am not going to bow down to him and tell him what was wrong because, first, he is my boss. Second, he is a stranger to me and lastly I still do not know anything about him besides being an owner of a different company branches. 

He could be a serial killer for all I know.

I averted my eyes, breaking our eye contact as it is not making me more comfortable. Even his stare screamed power, I could not defeat that as I

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