CHAPTER XVIII: Math Wizard x Gummy Bear Thief


All of their heads turned towards my direction now fully aware that I heard what they were saying behind the chief of executive's back. 

They straightened themselves at their chairs and smiled at me.

"You must be the newly hired Secretary of Sebastian." An older man said making his way towards me and take my hand.

I quickly took my hand out of his grasp and contorted my lips into an awkward smile and nod my head at him and extending my hand back but this time as a sign of 'shall we?'.

"Right." The older man said nodding his head before sitting back to his chair. 

I smiled at the gesture and started to place the documents at the side in where they were seated one by one.

As if on cue, the door of where I entered opened and the mood inside the room sombered.

Mr. Schulz fast stride towards at the end of the table and sit at his chair and looked up.

"You must be wondering why I gathered you here twenty minu

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