CHAPTER XIX: What a douchebag

I was in the air when I felt something hard touch my butt, I winced in pain at the sudden impact of the floor.

Yes, you got that right, I just fell down on my butt 


From a chair,

On the FLOOR,

Just right in front of my BOSS.

"Owww!", I squealed rubbing my newly sore butt, "Great. Just great." I muttered under my breath as I look around at the mess that I had just made. I look up and saw my boss clutching his beautiful and silky brown hair, stiffing a laugh.

Wait. What!? No! I did not say beautiful. I swear, I did not.

Gosh, where did that come from!? 

Shut up!

In an instant, he was right in front of me grabbing me by my arm as he pulled me up and begin dragging me towards the floor, the amused look he had on his face

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