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Though very young to be sultan, Asahd was able to keep the people of Zagreh in perfect peace and satisfaction. He did follow in his father's footsteps and the sultanate predicted that with time, he would definitely do more than his father had. He would be a greater sultan than his father.

However, Asahd remained himself. He wasn't going be that 'All work and no play', sultan. No Sir. He sure knew how to have fun. He still went out with friends when he could, but remained responsible all the while.

Saïda after two months succeeding the crowning, gave birth to a little girl. Their little princess whom they called Nadeen Raya Usaïd . She looked like both her parents to some extent. The perfect mix between Saïda and Asahd. She was a very jovial kid, just like her brother before her and always made her pa

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