Unloving Nicco
Unloving Nicco
Author: ImInVsibleBubble
Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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“WOHOO! GOO! Lui! You can do it!” I shouted while jumping on my place.

Nicco gives me a water bottle and I immediately took and drink it. I’m so thirsty shouting here but I don’t care as long as it is for my baby Lui. Well, I’m not his girlfriend or something but I wish I will soon. 

“GO Lui my love!” I shouted again. 

“Can you stop it Pressy?! You almost broke my eardrum.” He complained irritatedly.

“What? I was just cheering for my Lui.” I said innocently. I saw him rolled his eyes because of annoyance.

How cute. But my Lui is cuter than him.

“Look at your face, Prescilla Shane Trinidad. It is red now.” He said while pointing on my face.

“It’s because I’m blushing whenever I see him.” I giggled.

He just sighed and let me do what I want to do. Well, he always tries to stop me but I always win. He always let me win. That’s why I’m so lucky that he’s my best friend.

After the game ends, I tell him to come with me so I can have my picture with my Lui.  He disagreed but he had no choice when I started to dragging him going to Lui’s direction.

Bunch of his fan girls goes to him before we could. I force myself to pass through to this crowd of people but I can’t. Some of them almost hits me but Nicco tries to protect me from them. After so many trials that I did, I decided to give up.  

I frowned. Maybe it’s not my lucky day.

Nicco notice that I make a face so he grabbed me on my wrist and swerve all the people who is blocking on his way. In just one blink, Lui is now standing right on my face. I hugged Nicco and thanked him. He just then smiles at me and take the camera.

“Hello Lui.” I nervously greeted him.

“Hello err…” 

“I am Prescilla but you can call me Pressy.” I said.

“Alright, Pressy want to take a picture also?” He asked.

“OMG! Sure.” I excitedly said. I signaled Nicco to take us some pictures and he did. After few shots I bid Lui goodbye.

I scream when we got away far from Lui’s direction. I notice that Nicco cover his ears so that he can’t hear my voice.

“Can you lower down your voice? The teachers might hear you. I don’t want to go on a guidance office because of that.” He said. Irritation is now written all over his face. I just give him a peace sign.

On our way back to our room, I invited Nicco if he could accompany me on putting my love letters on Lui’s locker.

“No way! You look so desperate Pressy.” He disagreed.

“I know but please just this one, okay?” I pleaded while doing puppy eyes. He surrendered then nod at me. I jumped excitedly then hugged him.

I’m so lucky that I have a best friend like him. He’s girlfriend will surely be lucky too. I hope he didn’t change when that time comes. I don’t want to lose my best friend. I treat him as my brother too.

When we arrived at the front of Lui’s locker, I slide my love letters for him and we walk as fast as we could. I don’t want to be caught by Lui on that state. It would be too embarrassing even though I think that he knows that I like him.

I want to stay low key about my feelings for him even though that I’m being vocal whenever I can’t control my feelings for him. Well, I’m aware that I’m not the only one who likes him. Duh, It’s Lui Delgado – the most popular heartthrob not just in our school but outside of it. Who wouldn’t like him? He’s almost close to being perfect. He is the dream that every girl would ever dream for. 

I always fantasize him. Sometimes, my prof would get mad at me but what can I do? He’s always on my mind. But even that I’m like that, I still value my grades.

“Hey, Pressy we have a quiz later. Why don’t you just review instead of staring at nowhere and fantasize about him?” Nicco said while copying my voice at the part of ‘fantasizing’ thingy. 

Nicco is a grade conscious student. Well, I can’t blame him, he’s parent is so strict in terms of that thing. My parent is like that too, but I’m against to them whenever they prohibiting me with unreasonable reason. So, I choose to live freely but I still respect them even though I’m naughty and I won’t deny it. 

Our professor entered the room and our classmates immediately keep their notes on their bag and so am I. What to do? I just had a barely review for the quiz. I didn’t know anything. I don’t even know if I recall all the terms in my notes.

Before the quiz started, our professor gave us some rules especially the ‘no cheating’ rule. I whisper Nicco that I don’t know anything and how could I pass this because that would be impossible, I swear.

“Trust me, just bring out your paper and pen and leave everything to me.” He said while smiling. 

When it started, I just write something on my paper even though I’m not sure if it’s right or not. Well, I just guessed it.

“Okay, class pas your papers in front.” Our professor said.

I’m going to stand up but Nicco stopped me. I gave him a confusing look but he just smiled at me. When he came back I asked him.

“What did you do? I won’t have any scores. We may never know if some numbers on my paper is right, right?” 

“You would have scores, don’t worry. Don’t you trust me?” He said.

“Of course, I am!” I said.

“Good then.” He said then he patted my head.

“Would you mind telling me what did you do?” I said hoping that he would tell me.

“Nah, I would just keep it to myself.” He said. 

I annoyed him asking questions about the quiz but he still did not answer any of it.

“Just eat your food, Pressy. You don’t want that to drop on the floor and be wasted, do you?” He asked. He always knows that food is one of my weakness. Lucky him.

We’re on the cafeteria having our break time. While I’m digging on my food, I think of some possible ways of what he did.

“Maybe you write your answers on the paper then you put my name in it instead of yours.” I start to guess.

He started to cough and drink some water. Did he choke himself?

“Got you! You did that?” I accusingly said to him. 

Wow! Why did he do that? It’s not that I don’t appreciate his effort but I’m afraid that what if we get caught. I don’t want him to kicked out on a dean list.   

I start to tap his back lightly and when he recovered from getting choke, he started to talk and explain everything.

“You don’t need to do that. I’m okay even if I got bad scores. Instead of your reputation being on a dean list be endangered. I don’t want that.” I said.

“Do you think I would do that if I care? As long as it’s you, I don’t care about anything else.”

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