BEYOND LOVE: Charming Ceo's reincarnated wife
BEYOND LOVE: Charming Ceo's reincarnated wife
Author: Chantinglove138


'Beyond love: Charming CEO'S reincarnated wife' 

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Title: Beyond love 

The file lied on the desk between the mess while he sat on his chair with a crossed leg. "So?" he smiled licking his bottom lip running his eyes everywhere on her face.

He heard her sigh and shake her head in a NO, "What? Are you telling me a no?" he straightened his back darting his pupils right within her scared eyes trying to figure out what was going on in her brain.  

"Yes... I mean No, I say a No to your offer. Thank you so much but I cannot remarry a man who doesn't want me just for a life partner but for a trophy wife. Not even if has to be you, the man I loved!" with that she picked up her file and curtsied before turning around.

He sat smiling in his chair, watching her reach the knob of the door, "You will be committing the biggest mistake of your life if you walk out today, Ella." she turned around at an instant and look right in his eyes as he continued further. "You can walk away from my office but not my life... Not after you caught my attention for bad, dear wifey!"

A mysteriously dark grin flashed on his face and she shuddered, not before saying, "I am not your wife anymore. You don't own me, Liam. I am not accepting your offering nor you. Not again. Not against my will. Good bye." She smile and walked out. 


She was his wife until a month ago.

He was a billionaire.

She was forced into an arranged marriage due to her father's sick health.

He needed a new mistress, Anyone; but a wife.

She protested. 

He ignored. 

So when, to his astonishment, she signed the divorce papers and walked out of his life without his acknowledgement, his raw passions came to life as jealousy and disappointment reached its peak. And now, he wants his wife back whom he have ignored ever since they got married, three months! 

But now that she has decided to work for another man who's in love with her, would she be able to manage her life when she knows her ex-husband wants her back, just not as his wife but as his prized possession?

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