Chapter 8

Megan: third person's point of view.

Still pulling Mr. Hot Cheetos on his long sleeves, the both of them turned left on a wide alley, following the icy sidewalk near the corner and passing by a big library. Small amounts of snow are still falling from the empty sky as she inhaled the cold, sweet air of the not so busy street. She glanced back at her companion, slightly confused with his silence. Shrugging, she didn't remove her exposed hands from the taller guy's arm.

The stranger who apparently hates going out in the cold turned silent. Minutes ago, the two were bickering about the weather and what happened the night before. Why he suddenly stopped talking, she decided not to pry any further. Annoying him was more than enough to satisfy her need for laughter.

"Cheeto, where do you wanna go?"

He grunted, sta

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