Chapter 9

Aster: third person's point of view.

Little did she know, Aster was really considering the idea of burying her in the snow.

You can't blame his annoyance to the gorgeous lady, who just threw a snowball at his back.


"Loosen up, grumpy Cheeto! Don't kill me inside your mind!"

Should I regret coming with this hyper woman? Just what did she have for breakfast? One tub of sugar?


He turned around, only to see her grin mischievously. "Come on, let's get sick!"

He crouched down, subtly gathering some snow with his gloves, his eyes still boring through Megan's hazel ones. "You're a bad influence, you know that?"

She snorted and twirled a strand of her hair, batting her eyelashes. "It just hap

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