"Are you sure I shouldn't wear a suit? I feel like I should wear one," I say to Ashlynn as she rolls the sleeves of the black long sleeve shirt she picked out for me.  

"You are meeting a little girl, not a business partner," she smiles and her hands cup my cheeks. "You need to look like a dad, not a lawyer."  

"I've never felt more terrified in my life," I admit and lean down to rest my forehead against hers.  

"It's okay to be scared. I'll be right by your side," she comforts me. "Besides, you get to meet a beautiful little girl today that you want to have as you daughter. It's okay to be scared about becoming a parent."  

"Do you think I'm ready for it? You know, parenthood?" I ask and she lightly presses her lips to mine for a few moments.

"I think you are completely ready, you just need to trust yourself," she states. "There's still time before everything finalized as well. Right now you are just meeting her."  
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Linda G
she is acting like a 12 yr old. thank god she did not invite Kylie to watch the movie with them. at different times I wondered if the author was trying for dd/lg since he carries her and bathes her frequently
goodnovel comment avatar
Victoria Krechting
when will Gage ask her to marry him and when are we going to find out that she's prego????? it was sweet that the visit went so well.

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