Gage's POV:  

"No need to worry Gage, the boys got her and she's waiting in the basement," Alex tells me over the phone. I sigh in relief, happy knowing one thing is going right in my life.  

Right now I'm sitting in the waiting room of the hospital with my mom. Dad is at home with Jenna, my younger sister. She freaks out at hospitals, so it's best she stays home. My mom holding my hand tightly and I know she is freaking out.  

"I'm here momma," I tell her, tucking my phone in my pocket.  

"I just want him to be okay " Mom whispers and wipes her cheeks.  

"He's a Cutler," I smile at mom. "He is strong, he's a fighter."  

"It's just been a tiring few weeks," mom says with a small yawn.  

"Rest, I'll wake you when the doctor comes," I tell her. She lazily nods before she closes her eyes.  

A few hours passed and Alex is keeping me updated on everything happening back at the base. She is still asleep, but they've restrained her so she can't run when she wakes. Oh I can't wait to see her again. She's going to regret ever being born after she deals with me.  

Just then a doctor walks into the waiting room and announces, "Vincent Cutler."  

I shake my mom awake and she instantly sits up, eyes wide. I motion towards the doctor and she hurries towards him. The doctor and my mom talk briefly. The doctor is giving her a smile, and it looks to be a joyful one, and I can tell my mom is crying. So my guess is the surgery went well. I know nothing about anything medical, so it's pointless for the doctor to explain it to me using terminology that I don't understand. All I know is my younger brother is having heart troubles because of her.  

Mom is now walking towards me with a bright smile on her face, and she also has tears staining her cheeks. I stand up when she's closer and she wraps her arms around me in a tight hug.  

"He's going to be okay. My little Vince is okay," she mutters and I hug her tightly. "They were able to get him a heart transplant." My eyes widen at the words and I pull away from the hug. "He was having bad heart palpitations before surgery, so the doctors took him back for surgery. They realized if he didn't get a transplant soon, he'd die. Luckily they were able to get one from another hospital. Now your brother is healing."  

"That's amazing mom," I smile and she grabs my hand.  

"I'm so incredibly grateful," mom smiles. "You go back to work. I'll be fine here, I promise. I'll call you if I need anything."  


"No arguing. Go," she says sternly, pushing me towards the exit. I chuckle at her before I say goodbye and head towards the base. Let the games begin.  


Ashlynn's POV:  

When I start to wake up everything is dark. I feel my eyelashes rub against something and I can only assume it's a blindfold. What the hell? I've definitely been kidnapped, and now I'm definitely going to die. I can feels my eyes start to water and I try to scream out, but that's when I realize I can't. There's a piece of cloth in my mouth and wrapped around my head, so these people gagged me too. I start to gain my senses back and realize my hands are tied behind my back and my legs are tied against something, which I'm assuming is the chair I'm sitting in. The rope is rough against my skin, and then I realize how cold I actually am. I know I'm still in the lingerie set that I worked in tonight.  

Wait, I don't know how long I've been unconscious, it could be hours or days. This time, I actually start to cry. Why me? Are these people human traffickers? Am I being sold to some man who wants me as a sex slave? Or am I going to be a prostitute for some pimp? I just want to go back home! I don't know why these people stole me from my work, there's literally thirty girls who work there each night, yet the chose the most average looking one.  

I start to tug at the ropes that are restraining me, but it's no use. I feel my ankles and wrists getting burned by the rough material. The gag in my mouth is making my sobs sound choked. I try to scream for help, but the gag muffles any noise I make.  

I jump when I hear a loud thud. I'm guessing it was the door, but I have no idea. I hear feet walking towards me and I try to get away, but the chair only scoots back slightly, and it tips over. Pain shoots through my back as the chair makes contact with the ground, sending waves of pain through me. A metal chair? In movies when this shit happens the chairs are wood and then I'd be able to escape.  

"Oh, little flower, you aren't getting away this time," a deep voice chuckles, jerking the chair upright, making the pain course through my body again. Wait, this time? I didn't even know there was a last time!  

I try to talk, trying to convince the guy he has the wrong girl, but it's only muffled noises. I hear some quiet noises in the back and I can only assume it's something to use on me. I begin to cry even harder and try to get out of the chair, but it's no use. The man's chuckle only grows louder and I hear a loud noise that sounds like metal scraping against metal.  

"You see little flower, you messed with the wrong family," the man whispers in my ear. I jump in my seat, just realizing how close he is to me know. "And now, you're going to pay for what you've done. No escaping this time."  

My cries only grow louder as I feel something cold touch my cheek. It's slowly moved until I feel a slight pressure right under my cheek bone. In one quick motion the object is swept across my cheek and I cry out in pain. I feel a wet substance begin to flow down my cheek. I only cry harder and fight against the ropes. He needs to know he has the wrong person. I'm not who he wants, I'm a simple, broken girl who lives in New York City.  

"You're cries are only encouragement to me," he says lowly. "The pain you feel, is nothing compared to what you've made my brother go through."  

What'd I do to his brother? That's right, nothing! I'm not the right girl and he doesn't realize that. I feel the cold pressure on my other cheek and I jerk my head to the other side, I'm not getting cut again. He growls when I do this and my body freezes. Okay, I shouldn't have done that. I've only made him angrier.  

"Listen, bitch," he seethes. "You deserve every bit of pain that's coming your way. You started this game, but you're not going to win."  

I shake my head trying to get some sort of message across. Maybe if he takes off the blindfold and gag I'd be able to tell him. But it's not like he's ever going to do that. My cries have stopped, only because I can feel myself ready to puke from my constant sobs. I've let my entire body just sag into the chair, knowing I'm stuck. There's no getting out. I'm getting hurt for something I didn't even do. How much crueler can my life get.  

"Boss, you have to stop," a new voice says, but it sounds far away. "They grabbed the wrong girl."  

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" The man who has been in the room yells.  

"This is another dancer at the club," the second voice says. "This girl isn't her. It's a dancer that we had mistaken for her."  

"Are you fucking serious!" The man yells and I feel the gag being ripped from my mouth and the blindfold from my eyes. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. "Do I have to fucking babysit grown men? They can't even find the right fucking girl?"  

"I'll gather the men," the second man says, and I finally get a good look at the two men who've captured me. The man who is being calm in this situation has dark skin paired with short black hair. He looks insanely strong and I'm scared of just being in the same room as him. My eyes move to the man closest to me and he's twirling a knife in his hands. He has dirty blonde hair paired with a set of brown eyes. He looks even stronger than the man by the door. If these men weren't fucking kidnappers, I'd say they were both attractive.  

"Get some men down here to give this girl clothes. Take her to one of the rooms that has a bed," the first man says and throws the knife to the floor. "Have some of the women come and clean her up. I'll deal with this situation later."  

The two men leave and I'm alone in the room. I start to cry, but I don't let any noises leave my mouth. I don't get to leave, he's keeping me here. I'm terrified.

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