Ashlynn's POV:  

Dancing on stage tonight felt like things were going back to normal. Sure it was a job that I didn't like because of the audience, but it was fun to dance. Being on that stage helped me forget everything for a little while. All I had to listen to was the music and my body did the rest. As weird as it sounds, and as much as I want a different job, dancing was relaxing to me. It cleared my mind, which allowed for my internal demons to go away.  

What happened tonight wasn't a first, and it probably wasn't going to be the last. If men find something that they want, they'll get it by doing whatever they can. Their pride and pleasure is worth more than anything. Men love to be in control. I've had similar experiences at Divine. Where a drunk customer comes to the back and tries to have his way with me. No matter how many times I refuse they just think it's a game. I mean, if I'm a stripper I have to be a slut right? The job comes

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anna mclaughlin
this story is amazing I've read this sooo many times...I wish you would put in on paper so I could buy it and have it forever. LOVE IT ūüėä

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