Chapter II

I let the hot water run through my naked body cleaning it from all the filth and grime I caught the day they imprisoned me. The hot water relieves my muscle soreness. It is a welcoming feeling. I wash my hair and for a moment I stop thinking of my confines and enjoy the feeling of the water soaking me and enveloping me in its warm embrace. I could stay beneath the showerhead for the rest of my life, but the inevitable is just outside my new bedroom doors. I reluctantly shut down the shower and wrap a towel around my body. I use another towel to dry my hair as I walk out into my chambers.

I didn't expect my room to be this fancy. I expected to find myself in another prison, but with better accommodations...well now that I think about it, this is a prison with better accommodations. I laugh on the inside and walk over to the massive walking closet this room has. There are so many clothes that I could hardly count them all, and they are all spectacular. I even have some designer

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