Chapter IV

My eyes refused to open. I could feel the throbbing pain inside my head pounding. As I regained consciousness, the searing pain on my ankle intensified, but it helped to numb the one in my brain. I could see his surprised face in my mind's eye the more I woke up. His moss-green eyes locking with my own. How his eyes widened and his mouth fell slightly agape. How he took the first step towards the mess I was on the floor before I couldn't take the ache in my head and body any longer, and I succumbed to the darkness. 


The man- the professor- that swept me off my feet since freshman year. The man that gave me my first kiss after I turned eighteen. The man that after discovering who I was, I managed to be psychically connected to psychically him by some miracle, which I still didn't understand. And he is also the man that betrayed me and my friends and delivered me to the Deamhans, and in turn, to my father. 

As much as my body- and maybe ev

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