Chapter VII

The minutes, hours, and eventually days had prolonged. Night and day were a mixture of colors that I couldn't pick apart sometimes. If it wasn't for the digital clock on my bedside table that told me the time, I was a hundred percent sure that I wouldn't even know how long I had been here in my room.

A week. A whole damn week had gone by. A whole damn week where I had to resist my vampiric urges and stay in my room close off from everyone. But it was for the best really. It was for my benefit. I knew that if I went out of this room two certain things would happen. One, I would be harassed endlessly by the other Deamhans in the house. I would have to stand their hisses, their predatory gazes, and I would need to hope that they had fed before I came out of my room, or I would most certainly be attacked by them. I could be their leader's daughter, but that went through the window when blood lust settled in. I was proof of that. I felt the dryness in my throat every single day,

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