Kissed by a Vampire
Kissed by a Vampire
Author: Aspiring Raven


Vampires exist among us. I have no idea for how long but I made it my life time goal to exterminate their kind. My parents were killed by vampires when I was ten years old. Everyone insisted that I was just traumatized having witnessed my parents death. But I know what I saw and I was not hallucinating. A monster drained my mother's blood and another ripped my father's heart out of his chest. The monster that killed my dad was about to kill me when a man suddenly came to my rescue. I have no memory of how he looked but I remembered how he pierced the vampire's heart with a wooden stake. The vampire then burned down into ashes and the other monster run away and left.

For years, I've been obsessed with these creatures. I wanted to learn facts about them but all I can find was folklore and tales. Nobody was able to prove their existence and I'll end up in a mental asylum if I tell anyone that these creatures are real. I started doubting my sanity. Maybe it wasn't real; perhaps it was just a pigment of my imagination as a child. It's been eight years and yet I still wake up in the middle of the night screaming, covered in sweat with this memory of my parents dying in front of me as if it was just yesterday. 

I'm an event’s organizer. I organize events from birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, weddings, camps, anything. I inherited the business from my parents, Legacy. I was too young to manage it when my parents died and so the business was merely surviving when I took over it at the age of eighteen. Things seem to be in my favor and I was able to make things work out. My best friend, Mikel is one of the most supportive people in my life. He helped me out and found me a rich benefactor, Stanley. Stanley is a rich philanthropist and I was one of his sugar babies. He gave me what I need and I gave him what he wants. 

People judge me but I never really cared. They can say whatever they want against me. It's a free world and this is my way to survive. My boyfriend, Scott, he really doesn't mind that I was fucking Stanley. Why would he? He also gets pampered by the money Stanley gives me. I have my own apartment, my own car and my own business. I have a young boyfriend who loves me and a sugar daddy who provides all my financial needs. Life was somehow perfect.

I was out clubbing and drinking with Scott and Mikel. Scott and I decided to go on a little escapade. It was around two o’clock in the morning and we started to walk to dark alley. 

"Baby, all I'm saying is that it's just for a week?"

"A week? That's too long. You know that I can't survive that long without you next to me." He reasoned.

"But baby, Stanley said if I do this he'll get me the car that I've always wanted and he'll introduce me to some of his friends who can be my clients." I explained. “This would open great opportunities for us.”

"That old man would just suck your pussy dry." Scott complained.

"I believe I made it clear that I enjoy your company much better in that area." I run my finger on his chiselled chin and bit my lips seductively. 

"Let's make sure you don't forget that." He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. 

Scott always knows how to turn me on. We kissed each other hungrily. Our tongues were duelling for dominance as his hands make his way in between my thighs. He lowered down my panties as I unzip his jeans. He expertly positioned himself at my entrance as we keep clawing at each other. He was about to enter me when someone started flashing a light at our directions. We really didn't mind having an audience but the woman spoke and ruin the mood.

"I wouldn't do that here if I were you two. Leave." She stated.

"I would mind my own business if I we're you." Scott responded as he moved away from me and zipped his jeans.

"Baby, let's just go." I fixed myself and started to walk back to the club. 

"That's right little girl don't wander off in the dark you might get into trouble." She warned. "You and I are going to play a little bit more and you're going to enjoy every bit of it." She said staring at Scott. 

"Baby, let's go." I yelled at Scott who was standing in front of the woman as if hypnotized. “Scott, don’t make me repeat myself.” I stated warning him.

"Go ahead. I'll follow you back in the club." He responded. 

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of him." The woman replied while touching Scott's arm. “You and I are going to have so much fun. I’ll make sure that you’ll experience things that you never tried with that little slut of yours.”

"I'm warning you. If you don't come with me now, you and I will be over. I wouldn’t want to see you again and I’ll throw you out of my apartment."

Scott stood his ground and just stared at me. The nerve of this guy, I was so pissed that I stomped my feet and started walking back the club. I was almost at the club when I remembered I left my bag at the alley. I have to get it since my keys and cell phone was in it so I went back to the alley. I froze at the sight of the woman and Scott. Both were half naked and the woman's fangs were buried in Scott's neck. I screamed and I felt someone covered my mouth then everything else became dark. The next time I open my eyes, I was in my apartment lying in my bed. A vampire, I'm positive I saw a vampire. Suddenly, Scott came out the bathroom smiling at me sweetly.

"Good morning, baby. Last night was magnificent."

"What?!" I hurriedly went over to him and inspected his neck. 

"What are you doing baby?" He stated and embraced me. "Do you want more action?" He stated mischievously.

"No! Last night, I saw you… with that woman and you… you were... bleeding and she was sucking your blood. I saw you... I saw you…" I moved away from him panicking.

"Baby, are you okay? What are you talking about? Are you alright?!" He looked at me puzzled. “Explain to me what’s wrong.”

"Scott, we we're at the club last night and we went to a dark alley and this woman came out of nowhere. And you seemed hypnotized and you chose her over me." I stated hysterically.

"Calm down, baby. Did you drink anything last night? Did someone give you drugs or something?" He let me seat on the bed and run his fingers through my hair to calm me down. “Did you have a nightmare?”

"No! I swear I saw that woman sucking your blood." I stated seriously.

"Baby, I don't see any bite marks on my neck and as far as I remember after we left the club last night we went back straight here and made love all night long. You should really stop researching those vampire voodoos they are getting into your head. Go freshen up. I'll make us breakfast." He stated dismissively.

I took a shower. I closed my eyes and remembered seeing red captivating eyes and a voice so deep saying "you will forget everything that you saw here tonight." I was positive that it wasn't just a dream but how can I prove it when Scott is right in front of me without even a scratch on him. 

"Baby, do you remember how we got home?" I asked as we were eating. 

"We got too drunk so we hailed a cab. Are you alright, baby?"

"Where's my bag?" I asked ignoring him.

"You might have left it back in the club. Baby, this isn't the first time this kind of thing happens. I'll pass by at the club later and get your car and bag back." He stated dismissively.

"I'll go get it myself. I still need to buy some stuff for my trip with Stanley."

"I really hope that you can cut that trip short. I mean it's the first time he wants you for himself for a whole week. I don't sit well with the idea of you and that old man together in an exclusive island." 

"Baby, you have to understand. I need this, we need this." I hugged him and kissed him on the cheeks. "I need Stanley as much as he wants me. Time will come that he would no longer find me that attractive so I have to make sure that I take advantage of him as much as I can for now."

"Fine. Just make sure you don't forget who you really belong to."

"How can I forget? You get to remind me every single day." I smiled at him seductively. “I love you.”

"I just don't want you to forget." He kissed me. "I'll see you in a week, baby."

I had to get back to that alley and find out if what I remember is true. I called Mikel and asked him to go back to the club to pick up my things. Mikel was dead drop gorgeous when he arrived in my apartment. If I didn't knew he was gay I would have chosen him over Scott. I asked him about what happen at the club as we were in the taxi.

"Mikel, did we tell you anything before we left the club last night?"

"Well, no. You two were discussing about you staying with Stanley for the entire week. Then I excused myself to follow the hottie who has been eyeing me the entire evening and when I got back you two were gone." He responded.

"Did you see my bag there?" I asked.

"Sweetie, I was too busy eyeing on my price for the evening to notice."

"Oh, so you brought a guy home with you last night?" I stated impressed.

"Actually, he brought me to his place. He was so hot and so damn good in bed. Anyways, we need to check your wardrobe for this trip with Stanley. He called me and asked me to help you spend a fortune for your outfits." He exclaimed excitedly. “You are one lucky bitch.” 

"Of course, I am lucky but he’s luckier. I can only imagine how he would rip off the most expensive lingerie we can buy with his teeth off my sexy body." We both giggled while the taxi driver keeps eyeing us from the front seat.

"Eyes on the road mister, we don’t want to end up dead in you taxi." Mikel stated. "You shouldn't be eavesdropping to our conversation." We got to club but my bag was nowhere to be found and so I had to a call towing service to have my car towed.

"Can we walk through that alley for a bit?" I asked. "I remember going through it last night. I might have left my bag out there."

"Sure. No problem. I can only imagine what you and Scott have been up to at this place last night." He stated as we walk through the familiar alley.

"Ahh!" I screamed when a homeless man grabbed my leg. "Let me go."

"Can you please give me some cash?" He begged.

"No! Let's go." We walked out of the alley and just focused on shopping.

I smiled at Stanley when I arrived at the tarmac while he was waiting for me in front of his private plane. Stanley is a hunk and was a really good looking guy. He was married once which ended up in a nasty divorce so now he just hooks up with young gold diggers like me. The moment I was standing next to him he captured my lips for a passionate kiss. 

"Hello, doll I missed you." He whispered as he assisted me up the plane. 

"You were so busy with your business and have neglected me for the past few weeks." I pouted. "I thought you already found someone else."

"Don't be such a clingy little girl." He stated as he guided me to the plane's bedroom. "You know very well that you're not the only one." He locked the door and removed his coat. 

"And yet you chose me to accompany you for this escapade." I toss my shoes on the side and sit on the bed. "May I ask why?"

"You're my best girl. And I want to show you off." He sat next to me and started to hike up my skirt. "You know how special you are to me. I spend more on you than any other girls."

 "So I'm your most expensive slut?" I open my legs wider as his hand started to massage my inner thighs. 

"You can be whatever you want to be, doll." He stated as he grabbed my core and started touching me. "Do you like this?" He inserted a finger in wet pussy and I arched my back and moaned loudly. "Answer me!"

"Yes!" I replied as he inserted another finger. "Don't stop!" I pleaded breathlessly when he withdraw his fingers and started licking them. 

"You are so sweet and so wet for me doll. But next time I ask you a question answer me immediately. Do you understand?" He stated as he started taking his clothes off.

"Yes, master." I replied seductively and helped him take his clothes off faster.

I lost track of how many times I climaxed. I don't even have any idea when the plane took off. All I know is that he was rocking my world as he repeatedly thrust in and out of me. Stanley is a man who knows how to please a woman in bed. I mean with his years of experience he definitely can make me feel pleasure and satisfaction no questions ask. Scott is a different story though. I honestly can't compare which is better but both are extremely excellent. I walked out of the bedroom after my quick shower and found Stanley having a drink. His cousin/assistant, Garrett smiled at me knowingly as I sat next to Stanley.  

"Would you like a drink doll?" He asked as he kissed temple.

"Yes, please." I replied. "You know that it's rude to stare." I glared at Garrett while drinking my wine.

"Garrett, eyes off her." Stanley stated firmly. "She's mine and I don't appreciate you staring at her. I don't share."

"And still she has a boyfriend who lives with her in an apartment that you bought her so much for not sharing." He replied cockily.

"You have no right to involve Scott in our discussion." I yelled at Garrett.

"Garrett, stop it." Stanley stated. "Couz, you know I don't want my doll upset. So knock it off."

"Ok, I just hope that I don't get a room next to you two. I mean her screaming and moaning is too loud. I might end up having sleepless nights." He teased.

"Well, that’s your problem not mine." I retorted. “Stop complaining when I know you get turned on when you hear me screaming and moaning.”

Garrett is a really nice guy. He just enjoyed teasing me. I was like a forbidden fruit for him. He likes me but he can never have me. He was Stanley's cousin and he knows how ruthless the man can be if he takes something away from him. Scott was a bargain I had with Stanley. He didn't really care about him as long as he remains my number one priority. The arrangement was simple whenever he needs me I should always be available. And I've made sure I always made him my priority. We landed on the island and I was mesmerized by the scenery, there was a huge castle in the middle of the secluded island.

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Bella Jersey
This is very sure about some part of her life
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Yamna Rizwan
no in reality they don't exist
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Theodora Miller
do the vampires really exist? please I need to know... I literally wanna turn into one... the first sentence of the description says vampires do exist... please don't let me down

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