Chapter 5

~Liam's POV~

I was furious and famished. I almost drain all the blood of the third woman in the room when Samuel and Benjamin barged in the room with another woman. I immediately grab her and bit her neck. She was barely alive when I let her go.

"Are you alright?" Samuel asked worriedly.

"No." I stated angrily. "Bring me another one."

"It's been a long time since I last saw you like this. You told us we must learn to control our urge. And not let our hunger take over us." Samuel reasoned with me while Benjamin took care of the four women in the room.

"Fine." I sat down and wipe off the blood in my mouth. "Make sure they forget about meeting me and don't ever let them back in this club." I ordered.

"As you wish." Benjamin stated. "I'll have to take them to the hospital first, though. You almost killed all of them."

"Shut up, Benjamin." Samuel hissed at him.

"I have to clear my head." I stated. "But for now I have to take care of someone who failed to do her task."

"I can go with you if you want." Samuel offered.

"You don't have to. Stay here and make sure no problem occurs. And also stay away from that Mikel guy. I saw you two sneaking out the club last night. Don't make me take care of him." I warned.

Samuel was one of my best men. He always follows my orders but I never tell him everything. I was his maker. I turned him and since then he had always been loyal. I kept so many secrets and one of my biggest secret is already coping up with us. Patricia Louise Andrews has been under my protection for years. Ever since the day her parents died I vowed to look after her and watch her from a distance. I sent people to report to me about what's happening to her and made sure she was doing fine. I would always remember the day we first kissed and since then she was constantly in my mind. I find myself watching her sleeping from her bedroom window and talking to her while she sleeps. I never had the courage to approach her when she's awake. Not until last week.

One week ago...

"What are you doing here?" I was furious seeing her at the club.

"I'm sorry... my friend... he brought me here..." She stuttered as I stand very close to her.

"You shouldn't be here." I stated angrily. "Are you out of your mind?"

"What?" She answered confused.

"You shouldn't be here." I growled at her.

"Liam." Samuel suddenly appeared out of nowhere and guided her away from me.

"You brought her here." I stated angrily at Samuel.

"I'm sorry. She wasn't feeling well. I just thought that fresh air would calm her."

"Of all places, you decided to..." I walked towards them. "This area is restricted." My voice suddenly calmed down when I sense other persons presence.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Samuel stated frightened.

"We will talk about this Samuel." I stated calmly.

"I will just take her to his friend and we'll talk. I’ll be back.” Samuel stated.

"Why is she here?" I grab Samuel's neck and raised him from the floor.

"Liam. Let him go." Oliver his brother came to his rescue.

"Why was she with you?!" I asked him furiously.

"Trish?!" He stated nervously. "She came with my friend Mikel."

"Mikel?" I tried to recall who he was and remember it was Patricia’s gay friend. "Stay away from them." I stated angrily then punched him in the face so he stumbled to the ground.

"Why?!" He stated wiping the blood from his broken nose covering his face.

"How dare you question me?" I kicked him in the face and Oliver pulled me back when I tried to grab Samuel again.

"Stop it." Oliver stated and I punched him as well.

"Stay away from them." I lifted Samuel from the round by his neck and slammed his head on the wall. "The next time I see you with them I'll drive a stake in your heart after killing that man toy of yours." I warned before leaving.

Then yesterday she was back in the club. I watched her from the second floor and saw her dancing sexily with Mikel. Oliver approached them. And they seemed to be having fun. She was laughing and drinking with them. She looked so happy and so I decided to just let them have fun. I went to the rooftop to enjoy the cool breeze. Then I saw Samuel and Mikel sneaking out the back alley after a few minutes. They were probably headed to the motel on the next block. I planned to follow them but I saw someone bothering Patricia. I immediately approach them.

"Is there a problem here?" I stated.

"Oh love, there you are. This is my boyfriend." She stood up and wrapped her arms around my waist. "This guy was..."

"Leaving." The guy cut her off before she can even finish his sentence when he saw me.

"Good. I don't want you near my girlfriend again." I stated and he almost trip on his feet while trying to get away from us.

"Thanks." She let go of me and sat back on the chair.

"Anytime, love." I sat next to her and hold her hand.

"Excuse me." She glared at me but didn't pull her hands.

"I'm your boyfriend. I heard you clearly that's what you told the other guy. Don't tell me you’re also going to break my heart just like what you did to him." I smiled at her seductively.

"Very funny." She stated giggling. "But thanks for helping me."

"Of course. It's my pleasure." I lifted her hand and kissed her wrist.

"You should probably head over to your friends. I'll just wait for my friends here. They should be coming back soon." She pulled her hand away and avoided my gaze.

"I came here to see my girlfriend." I stated. "And I already found her." I lifted her chin and stare into her eyes.

"That's a good one." She grabbed a bottle of beer and finished it bottoms up obviously nervous.

"I saw your friend left the club with Samuel. So I decided to keep your company."

"What? That moron, I thought he was with Oliver." I stated confused.

"Well that would be odd considering that Oliver and Samuel are brothers." I stated. "Would you like to dance?"

"My feet are already numb. I think I should just go home." She stood up and smiled at me. “Plus, I might be over my limit.”

"Don't." I pulled her down and she ended up sitting on my lap. "Stay for a few more drinks. That's the least you can do since I did help you get rid of the guy bothering you."

"Okay." She replied shyly after biting her lips.

"Good girl." I kissed her lightly on her lips and ordered a couple of drinks for us.

We flirted with each other all throughout the evening. We both enjoyed sharing some kisses not minding the people watching us. I had to have her tonight or I'll lose my mind. So I decided to bring her to my place. We went to the next building and I had a friend take us to my place with his chopper. All throughout the flight we continued to kiss while I try to remain in control. I could feel myself wanting to taste her. My fangs keep protruding every time my mouth kisses the pulsing veins on her neck. But I stay focused on her enjoying our kisses and panting every time I stop kissing her.

The moment we got inside my house I couldn't wait any longer. I rip off her clothes and my eyes devoured the sight of her on her underwear. I removed my shirt and I saw the same desire and lust reflected in her eyes looking at me. She was shorter than me so I had to lift her up so she can kiss me on the lips. I walked up the stairs taking two steps at the same time. I lay on the bed as she was on top of me. She continued to kiss me while her hands touch me bare top. I was enjoying that she was on top and was grinding on my arousal. Then she suddenly stopped moving. I checked and discovered she fell asleep on top of me. How the hell can someone pass out while having sex?

I got up from the bed and fixed her position. She was way too drunk to stay awake I realized. I kissed her on the forehead and headed to the basement where I keep blood bags. I heated five bags and drunk all of it. There was no way that I would stay close to her famished. As a vampire, sleep was no longer necessary so I grab a chair and watched her sleep. I kept covering her with a blanket but she must've been feeling hot and so she kept removing it. I was so aroused but I couldn't bear to fuck a sleeping girl. I couldn't force myself to her. I run my fingers on her bare skin and smiled at her beautiful sleeping face. She looked so innocent, like a sleeping baby. I went to take a shower around past ten in the morning while she remains sleeping. When I got out the shower she was already awake.

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