Chapter 6

~Liam’s POV~

We continued where we left off. There was no way I’m not taking her today. She was so responsive to my touch and kisses. She moaned loudly as I suck and bite her playfully. I left several love bites on her body as I explored it with my fingers and mouth. She was enjoying it as much as I am. She was wet by the time I touched her core. I touched her slowly and enjoyed the sound of her pleading and moaning. I thrust my finger in and out her vagina and tasted her wet pussy. The moment she cum I made sure to swallow all of it. I then cleaned her cum with my tongue after she climaxed.

That was in the morning and now all I can do is remember how she tasted. If it wasn't for Luna I would have had my dick buried in that wet pussy. I was so frustrated and so I took out my anger on those girls. I texted Luna and told her to bid goodbye to Patricia and meet me in one of the abandoned house in the city. She has been neglecting her duties. How can she be so inefficient? I was able to spend an entire evening with Patricia and she didn't even inform me she was missing. My instructions to her were befriend her but from what I heard from Patricia she despised her. Now it's time to end her life.

"Liam." She bowed when she saw me.

"It was a very simple task that I ask you to do. Make sure she's safe and no other vampire comes in contact with her." I stated.

"I tried my best. She's very stubborn." She stated nervously.

"You tried your best? One week ago she was at my club surrounded by our kind." I smashed the old chair against the wall angrily. "Last night, she was at the club again and she was almost attacked by one of us if I weren't there."

"Forgive me Liam." She knelt down in front of me. "Please."

"I don't give second chances." I stated and ripped her head off.

Now, I have to assign someone else to watch over her. I cleaned up the mess and buried Luna's body. I took her daylight ring and kept it in a safe place. Who should I assign to be her watcher? Then the best idea came to my mind. Who would be better than me? So for the next few weeks, I followed her around without being detected. She was always hanging out with Mikel. She started working as a waitress in a diner. She even posted an ad looking for a roommate but I made sure to scare them off. There was no way someone was going to be living with her. I wanted to feel her body next to mine and have those sweet lips on my mouth. I can no longer take the distance I created between us. So I decided to show up at her work place. There were no other customers and it was just her, two of her coworkers and the owner of the diner present. It was around five o’clock in the morning.

"Good morning. Coffee?" She froze when she saw me.

"Good morning, love." I smile at her sweetly. "I'll have one hot Patricia Louise to go, please."

"I don't think that's on the menu." She stated seriously. "Please just call me once you're ready to order. Excuse me." She stated and turned her back on me so I embraced her tightly to stop her from walking away.

"Let's not make a scene her love." I whispered to her sweetly. "Take your stuff and come with me."

"Let me go." She stated in a serious flat tone.

"What's going on here?" The owner asked when he saw us.

"I was just picking up my girlfriend. Tell her that she's fired." I compelled him.

"You're fired, Trish. Please leave." He stated.

"You can't do that. You can't just fire me." She yelled.

"Just leave. I don't want any trouble here." He replied dismissively.

"Fine." She replied then went to get her stuff before walking out the diner. "This is all your fault." She stated and hit me with her bag. "Stop following me." She stated as I walk along with her.

"I missed you." I stated while following her and staring at her.

"Listen, stay away from me. Whatever happened to us is now in the past. So please leave me alone." She stated.

"You don't mean that." I pulled her close to me and look straight in her eyes.

"I hardly know you." She responded.

"I want you. And I know that you want me too." I captured her lips and she kissed me back with the same hunger I felt. "Let's go."

"Where?" She asked while trying to catch her breath.

"Let’s go to my car. I parked it outside the diner unless you want to walk all the way back to your house." I replied.

We were both silent as I drive on the way to her house. I can hear her heart pounding as I run my fingers on her thighs as I drive. I couldn't take it anymore so I parked my car in front of a store and pulled her for a kiss. I make her straddle me and ripped open her blouse making the buttons fly. Her bra came off next and my mouth immediately cover one of her breast and my other hand played with the other. Her hands were clawing my shoulders as I enjoyed sucking and playfully biting her breast. She moaned loudly calling out my name. Then suddenly there was a knock on the window. Why on earth are people always interrupting us when we were in a middle of something?

"Put this on." I removed my shirt and gave it to her. "Don't worry the windows are tinted."

"I feel so relieved." She replied sarcastically as she put on my shirt and slid back to the passenger seat.

"Yes, officer." I stated as I roll down my window.

"You shouldn't be doing that here. You're in a public place." He stated and looked at Patricia's bra hanging on the stirring wheel.

"I understand. We'll be going then. You may go there is nothing for you to see here." I stated and compelled the officer.

"Alright." The officer replied then he left.

"He is gone. Let's continue our little adventure." I teased her seeing how embarrassed she was.

"Just please drive to my house first. I'm not going to jail for having sex in the public." She replied embarrassedly.

"I'd rather go to jail than not have sex, love." I replied and put on her seat belt and mine.

"Do you have a death wish?" She screamed when I started driving in full speed.

"Relax, love. We are almost there." I smiled at her.

"You are crazy." She yelled when I stopped in front of her house.

She grabbed her bag and got out of the car. She searched for her house keys then opened the door. She tried to close the door at me but I held it open. She gave up seeing that I wasn't leaving and got inside the house. I locked the door and pulled her for another passionate kiss. She tried to struggle at first but eventually gave in I carried her to her bedroom without breaking the kiss. I tossed her to her bed and took off her shoes and jeans. I stripped down and saw her gulped seeing how arouse I was. I didn't wait any longer and went on top off her capturing her lips.

"Are you wet for me, love?" I whispered to her after breaking the kiss.

"Please, Liam." She arched her body when I touch the hem of her panties.

"Tell me what you want." I inserted one hand inside her panties and massaged her pussy. "Talk to me, baby girl. Tell me what you want." I whispered to her playfully.

"Oh, please Liam." She moaned when I trust a finger in her wet pussy.

"You're so wet for me." I withdrew my finger and removed her panties. "I love hearing you beg." I stated before sucking her very wet pussy. "I love the way you taste." I exclaimed as she was trying to recover from her orgasm.

"Oh Liam, you're the best." She stated.

"Now, let's begin." I positioned my dick in her entrance.

"Wait." She stated. "Condom?"

"Love, I don't use one." There was no way I'd use one with her.

"I have one, here." She reached from other her pillow and handed it to me.

"You can't be serious?!" I exclaimed.

"Liam, just put it on. Or we're not doing this." She said panting.

This was not how I imagine our first time to be but I had to respect her choice. If I force myself to her she would hate me and I don't really want to use my compulsion skills on her. I want her to want me on her own. So I put on the condom then I entered her slowly feeling her being stretched with my size. She screamed in pain but there was no way I can stop myself from taking her fully. I thrust deeper and all of me was inside her and waited for her to get used to me size. I thrust in and out of her in a slow rhythm until I felt her moving in a faster phase. I felt her climaxed but I didn't stop and continue to fuck her until I found my own release. I disposed of the used condom and she lay on top of me both of us speechless.

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