Chapter 496 : New Family Member

Barely half a day after he woke up, Bin was in perfect health. However, Ann insisted that stays for two additional days, to which he nodded in obedience. 

As expected, he received many visits from Bert and the rest. Elise and, especially, Emilia, came every couple of hours to check on him and bring food.

“Umm… so, there’s a matter that warrants an explanation. But, I think it’s better to wait till you come home.”

Elise, fidgeting, peeled an orange while uttering those vague words.

“It would have been better if you stayed silent.”

“I was just warning you. At least, that way, you won’t be as surprised. Just brace yourself… okay?”


Nina was first shown in Chapter 428.

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Mark Philp
I was wondering when Nina was going to be reintroduced into the story. Pleased with the outcome and the little extra bits (like her ability with the black magic)

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