Chapter 497 : The Heart Speaks True

Late at night, after the family had dinner and everyone retreated to their rooms, Bin went downstairs and, as he had expected, found Emilia in the kitchen. She absent-mindedly looked at the dining table and not even his arrival was noticed.

Only when he pulled a chair and sat right next to her did she twitch and look at him.

“Mother, you’re still worried?”

He faintly smiled and gently grasped her hands, which eased the frown on her face.

“How can I not be when my son refuses to listen to reason? Everytime, I get to see you for a brief time and then you leave.”


At last, it happened... it didn't take long, right? RIGHT? *cough* *cough*

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Mark Philp
Loving the ending to this story (what I assume is the approaching ending. would love to see this made into a Netflix series (too large a story for a movie), where side background story's could be made for other main characters, such as Bert, Beatles, etc.

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