Bin’s eyes fluttered then slowly opened. He felt weight on his thighs and chest and when he looked down, he saw Jasmine sound asleep. She had a habit of hugging him in the middle of sleep and half of her body would be pressed against his. 

It has been a year and a half since they started dating and the embarrassment of sleeping naked or half-naked was no more. Their relationship only got better and they even moved to a new place with Nina, though it wasn’t far from Emilia and Elise.

He wasn’t interested in getting a proper job, nevertheless, he did find an entertaining habit, which was quickly developed. With Jasmine’s support and Bert’s countless acquaintances, Bin had opened a cozy small café in a relatively empty street. It wasn’t the best of locations, but he did not care. 

Bin was fo


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Well done,a wonderful energetic story that moved the action throughout very smoothly. Unlike most of the other stories on this app,brought to a wonderful,mysterious end
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sorry for the late reply. the title will have the same premise. Life as a...
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Nero 2
loved it thank you so much
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