Chapter 3 : A New Job

Jasmine took a closer look the man in front of her and noticed that he had ragged clothes and a torn shoes, but nonetheless, she didn't dare comment but Bin noticed her gaze and said with a cold tone

"I've agreed to be your servant but I don't need your look of pity since the most thing I hate is someone like you pitying me"

"hmph! I was not pitying you so don't delusion yourself, I've thought that you can't be my servant with those clothes"

as she said that, she picked up her phone which was also made of some gold or silver, she spoke with someone for some seconds before waving her hand to the driver and the limousine began to move.

No one talked, and the atmosphere soon became awkward, but Bin just remained silent with a deadpan expression on his face.

Now that he thought of it, in his life, he rarely talked to girls, as for beauties like this one, he never got the chance to talk to one, hell! he never went to school, when he was in the orphanage he was forced to work and when it was destroyed he had to work too, and school fees were just too expensive for someone like him, it would be a lie to say he wasn't jealous or didn't envy those kids who could go to school and enjoy those childhood memories, because he can't even remember the last time he had fun.

After 20 minutes or so, the car finally stopped, as for the girl she was watching a television near her without a care in the world. Since Bin became her servant, he didn't know what to do, but she said he had to just follow her orders so he just sat there silently waiting for her, if this job required him to just babysit this girl, then it's way more easy than the other jobs, but he still wanted to work at night to earn even more money.

"Ah, I forgot to tell you, I'm only your servant until 7 PM, I have other jobs later and I don't want to miss them"

Jasmine seemed to forget about his existence and only when he talked did she notice him again, she lifted her head and looked at him

"Hmpf! You are my servant so I expect you to be so for all the day, 24 hours! No less than that!"

"You must be dreaming Master~~, I'm not like you who is free all day, I have other jobs and someone to take care of!"

Bin retorted with a mocking tone, it was very apparent that he was mocking her, especially when he called her 'Master', in normal situations, hearing him call her master would be a good feeling, but now, she felt the total opposite of that.

Jasmine gritted her teeth seemingly annoyed, not even an hour passed and he already gave her a headache, usually she's calm and lady-like, even when provoked she would respond with calmness but now, just a couple of sentences from this boy and she is already enraged.

" What other jobs? Isn't just being my servant enough? Other would beg to even be my slave and you want to run away? Keep dreaming!"

Bin couldn't help but sigh as he shook his head.

'How is this a young lady? This is a damn spoiled brat!'

This 'master' was really bothersome, but all of a sudden a thought struck him, he grinned evilly as he stared at her while showing a strange smirk.

Bin was thinking about this new 'genius' idea that came to him. When she saw him lewdly grinning at her, she became even more infuriated, she couldn't help but unconsciously covering her chest, although he wasn't staring at them, she had the feeling he was thinking something bad.

"Well, since you want me to be your servant for all day, then pay me 2 million won!"

Jasmine was surprised at first but quickly grinned back at him. It as if she heard something funny.

'all his grinning and weird smiling were to say that?'

'Hah! What an idiot, I would not even have refused if he said 5 or 10 million, much less 2 million won! Hahaha, a plebian always stays a plebian'

1 or 2 million won isn't a big difference for her, so him just proposing that is a blessing for her, now that he is her servant all day, she would make him suffer in all kind of ways, a man like him who doesn't even respect her and spilled the food on her and made a foul out of her in front of so many people had to be punished. From the moment he spilled the food on her, she already made him her next target!

"Fine! What if it's 2 million won!" As she said that, she began to laugh like an evil scientist, a creepy laugh that didn't suit her appearance at all!

If all her admirers saw that, they would presume it's not Jasmine as always had a calm demeanor and a sweet laugh that would entice all young male teenagers, even girls would be attracted by her usual smile.

"Since it's settled, I'll be your servant for all day BUT I need to take 2 hours at night and 1 hour at morning since I've got my sister to take care of"

Jasmine's laughing stopped as her face turned ugly, she gnashed her teeth and cursed him in her heart.

'This bastard is getting more and bolder!'

Even though she thought he is taking advantage of her generosity, she couldn't refuse his request since he needs to take of his sister. As much as she hated his guts, she couldn't restrict him too much.

When their talk ended, the miss got out of the car, followed by Bin, they seemed to be in front of a big building, it's was famous cloth shop, one of the best in this city. The building was a 3 story tall building made from special materials, it's exterior appearance was enough to make Bin gasp in astonishment.

Just as they stepped into the building, the receptionist who was sitting leisurely at the counter, had his eyes widened as they landed on Jasmine's figure. His leisurely attitude disappeared and he walked with a fast pace toward Jasmine while showing a smile.

"Mrs. Jasmine, thank you for coming, we have already prepared what you asked"

He didn't think that Jasmine, who called them not too long ago would appear in person, usually, it's one of her maids who would come to pick up the clothes she ordered.

The miss just nodded at him and followed him, while waving at Bin to accompany her too, as, for the black-suited bodyguards, they waited in front of the building main door.

After walking for a couple of meters, the receptionist stopped in front of a table where a butler costume was on it, he stretched his hands and held the tuxedo-like costume, showing it to Jasmine.

"Miss, please check if it's to your liking"

Jasmine turned her head towards Bin and said coldly

"Go wear it"

Though he was used to be ordered around by his bosses, seeing this girl who is younger than him ordering him around irritated him, nevertheless he picked the costume and began taking off his current cloth to wear the black tuxedo. It resembled a high-class butler tuxedo.

"W-whaaaat are you doing!"

When she saw him shamelessly take his top clothes in front of him, a tinge of redness appeared on her beautiful face as she snapped at him.

Having already taken off his top, Bin stared at her while casually replying

"Just as master said, I'm going to wear this costume"

"Go wear it in that room!"

while pointing at a nearby changing room she retorted at him while turning her gaze from his naked body.

With a smug smile on his face, Bin nodded at Jasmine and headed to the changing room to wear the butler-tuxedo. He was her servant but it was easy to tease her.

To be honest, the butler-tuxedo was really comfortable and luxurious, albeit it being such a great and expensive costume, he wasn't used to wearing such expensive clothes, so he felt kind of strange, nevertheless, while looking at himself in the mirror.

He stared at himself, as he was wearing this new tuxedo, in all his life, this could be considered to be the best cloth he ever wore.

Bin's appearance, even while wearing this good tuxedo, looked quite average, he had nothing special about his facial features and he couldn't be considered a handsome person, it's just so-so. With black hair which was a little long and some muscles in his chest were the result of the various jobs he took.

He soon exited the changing room, with his average appearance, Jasmine only nodded and said

"...*Sigh*, at least now you look a bit better than your normal appearance."

Bin acted as if he didn't hear that and mumbled with a low voice

"Spoiled lass, not everyone is as rich as you are..."

Jasmine furrowed her brows and snapped yet again at him

"What did you just say? Say it again, I couldn't hear it very well!"

While displaying an innocent smile, Bin replied to his 'master' respectfully.

"I was just saying that master sure knows how to pick good clothes..."

Hearing this, Jasmine just snorted and ignored Bin. She took out a golden credit card and gave it to the receptionist to pay him but he shook his head while saying

"Miss, please, you do not need to pay, consider it a gift from us, but please do not forget to throw a good word of our shop to your lord father"

Although she seemed pissed when she heard him say that, she just nodded while putting her credit card in her purse, it's always like this, every shop would refuse her payment and would request her to talk good about them in front of her father, since he was extremely famous in this city, it's a be expected that people would sweet talk her, and that's exactly why she was a little startled when she saw someone like Bin who didn't care about her status, though she still held a grudge against him.

With her authority and money, she managed to investigate him in just an afternoon and locate his address, she also knew he was poor, nevertheless, she didn't want to forgive him because he was so disrespectful and rude to her.

After they exited the cloth shop, they both got inside the limousine, once they were inside it, the car began moving again, Jasmine looked at him for a second before saying

"Now you have an acceptable attire, at least suited for a servant"

Bin glared at her and retorted while showing a friendly smile

"Master's wealth is unimaginable for a servant such as myself, not everyone is as rich as master is so it could not be helped that a lowly one such as myself cannot afford good clothes like a certain someone"

Jasmine was taken aback when she heard that, she didn't expect him to be so bold and say that right into her face, nonetheless, she didn't snap at him and only remained silent.

After half an hour, Bin looked through the window and saw that they arrived at some kind of big mansion, even the garden was like a forest, decorated with a fountain in its center.

Some expensive cars were parked to the side of the fountain, be it a Bugatti or a yellow Lamborghini, the sight made him daze for a second.

'Damn! A single card can afford me to live for a hundred years with my sister!'

Bin only cursed and imagined things and didn't utter any of his thoughts, it's not like voicing out what he was thinking would make a difference in a world like this.

The limousine stopped in front of the enormous door of the mansion, and in front of it 2 maids were standing there as if waiting for someone, Jasmine soon got off the car followed by Bin who was still startled by what was around him, it was the first time he was in a place like this, and compared to his neighborhood, this place is heaven-like.

The mansion was very wide and big, it was made from special white stone with some pillars even made from freaking gold! Bin could not help but think this was too damn wasteful, are they bathing in gold or what!

Anyway, the miss proceeded towards the door, as for Bin he followed her after coming back to his senses. As they were going to enter, she paused for a second before nervously speaking

"You spoke rudely to me, but be respectful to my father, or else not even I can't save you..."

Bin couldn't help but swallow some saliva, as if he was going to meet his lover's parents and not his master's father, he didn't know what will happen if she even told her father what he had done to her and how he spilled food on his precious daughter, soon anxious thoughts began to submerge him...

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