Chapter 4 : Meeting Master's Family

As the main door of the mansion was opened, what Bin witnessed dumbfounded him, for such an insignificant person like him to see a thing like this is very rare.

Very wide stairs that could fit 10 persons were present in front of him, they seemed to lead to the next floor, a long red carpet was on the stairs all the way to the top and even the stairs were made from a special material.

This was a big hall, two tall pillars that reached the roof of this floor were erected from the ground, they were at the edges of the stairs, they were what is know as Corinthian pillars and had a majestic look to them.

Moreover, there were paintings hanging on the wall with some stone and gold sculptures here and there. Be it a sculpture of an ancient philosopher or a famous athlete, there were all kinds of sculptures.

Bin was left agape as this sight, just this hall alone is worth millions of dollars, so what about the rest of the mansion?

He turned his gaze toward Jasmine only to find her looking at him with a wide smile, she seemed to be enjoying seeing him in this surprising state

"Hehehe, now you see why you shouldn't have provoked me"

Bin couldn't help but instantly retort to her boasting

"It's not like it your money, it was not even earned by you..."

Jasmine was expecting to hear him praise her home, but was met with this.

"You!! So what, I can use the money however I want."

As she said that, she crossed her arms and angrily stared at him, no matter what topic, she would be the one ending up getting angry, it should have been the total opposite, she's the master and he's the servant and not the other way around.


Bin shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, as long as he made her angry, it was worth it.

Jasmine proceeded deeper into the mansion, they went to the left of the big hall. The next room they entered was a room even bigger than the hall. With some rare beast furs used as a carpet, some animal heads hanged on the wall and luxurious furniture, it was a very cozy room.

There was a gigantic plasma hanging in the air, in front of it were 3 rows of sofa and chairs, and a glass table was between the two.

Sitting on the sofa were two individuals. Because they were facing him with their backs, Bin couldn't see their appearances, but he knew it was a woman and a man.

The room didn't contain only this, in the right side of the room, was a wide table and 10 chairs on all of its edges, just behind the table. Approximately a couple of meters behind it was a huge fish aquarium, its size took the majority of the wall and you could see some goldfish and rare sea creatures dancing in the waters.

"Father, Mother, I'm home"

When they heard the sweet voice of their daughter, the sitting couple turned their head and saw Jasmine walking toward them.

The man had short black hair with some strands of white hair, his body was by no means frail and his height was even taller than Bin.

He stood up along with the woman as they were going to welcome their daughter.

The man wore a simple blue shirt and some high-class pants, he was a bit muscular and had a short beard. His eyes-brows were sword-shaped and his eyes were black.

As for the woman, she had a voluptuous body with alluring curves and an S-shaped body. She wore a black dress that added to her beauty and made her look even younger.

She appeared to be in her twenties, two mountain peaks could be seen in her chest area and she had two deep blue eyes. She smiled toward Jasmine and softly said

"Welcome back Jasmine, you're back early..."

"What do you mean early, it's already 6 PM!"

The man's voice was strict and loud, even Bin could not help but feel a bit of pressure, even a causal sentence was this loud.

Jasmine didn't seem to mind her father's attitude, however, she didn't display her cocky attitude like when she was with Bin, with her ladylike mannerism, she slightly bowed to her parents and remained silent.

As for Bin, he remained way back, he didn't want to attract too much-unwanted attention, dealing with Jasmine is enough, if her father discovers what he did or said to her, there is no telling on what he'll do to him.

"Make sure you don't come back late next time."

Jasmine's father kept a strict tone as he lectured his daughter, actually, it is not late to come back at 18 PM, he was just too overprotective.

"Oh come on dear, she's at that age already, so let her have some fun"

The woman threw a wink at Jasmine as she said that, she knew that her daughter like fooling around and do not want to be held up in one place, so she defended her.

"Hmpf! I'm just warning her!"

"Yeah yeah, I know, Jasmine, don't mind your father, you can have fun and return whenever you can just don't make us worry, okay?"

Jasmine smiled back at her mother and said

"Yes mother"

After she said that, she turned her head to look at Bin, who was standing a couple of meters behind her. Her actions were not left unnoticed by her parents, especially her father, who stared at Bin with a bit of confusion and anger.

Hong didn't like boys lingering next to his daughter, especially the ones who are annoying or the ones who try to cling onto her too much, whether for her money, status, backing or even her body!

Before Jasmine could introduce her new servant, Hong already spoke

"Who are you!"

Bin didn't dare act presumptuously in front of Jasmine's father, with a respectful bow, he replied

"This one is young Miss's servant"

As he heard that, Hong stared sharply at Bin for sometime before he shifted his gaze to his daughter and said

"Another servant? Haven't you had enough? Moreover, the maids and butlers here are experienced so why the need to take in a servant?"

Jasmine kept a calm attitude as she thoroughly explained what happened. Of course, she didn't say the truth, she only said that Bill saved her as she was almost hit by a car, so she decided to take him as her personal servant.

Hong was completely fooled, either way, it's not like it mattered, he waved his hand dismissively and casually said

"Whatever, it's not like he'll last long, It's not the first servant you take in after all. Go back to your room, dinner is at 7 PM"

Jasmine didn't linger there any longer, she took Bin and headed upstairs. The second floor was full of rooms and one of them was Jasmine's.

Her room was very wide, it was mind-boggling for someone such as Bin, who lived in such a small apartment. The room was about 30x20 and it could be considered a house on its own.

With a large bathroom, it had a huge bathtub with some beautiful engraving on it. Even the freaking toilet was luxurious, there was some soft material around its edges that made the buttocks more comfortable.

A bed was situated at the far edges of the room, it could even fit 4 people, moreover, there was a computer there and not a simple one.

Although Bin never took time to enjoy his time and have fun, he had some basic knowledge about computers and this one was definitely abnormal.

It was most certainly a computer meant for gamers, it was twice the size of a normal computer and there was a whole set up. 3 HD screens, a special keyboard and mouse and some white headphones.

"To think someone such as yourself, a rich young lady is actually a gamer..."

Bin sighed as he was a bit envious, she had all the time in the world to eat expensive and delicious food, buy whatever clothes she wanted and spend her time playing games yet the time he had was not enough as the jobs didn't provide him with enough money to sustain himself and his little sister.

"What's wrong with that, everybody has hobbies!"

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