Chapter 5 : A Professional Gamer

The room of Jasmine was out of the ordinary, be it the bed, curtains or even the floor was special. It was made from smooth and good looking wood, what's more, is that very soft carpet was laid here and there.

Bin didn't know what to do after he came here, so he just stood there like a log and stared at Jasmine, who also didn't know what to order.

"I-I'm going to play, so you better not disturb me!"

Angry because she didn't find anything she could annoy him with, Jasmine used her usual loud voice to shout at him then sat on her personal gaming set-up.

The computer was booted up and soon, she started playing and not minding Bin or anyone else. She put on her headset and started smashing the mouse and keyboard, you could call it destroying expensive things more than playing a game.

The explosion and booming sounds came from the headset. Bin couldn't help but smirk as she saw her rage and start insulting on the chatbox of the game. The problem was that she was the bad player and not them. Bin started feeling sore from standing there and doing nothing so he just walked to the sofa and sat.

'Ahhh, this is so comfortable'

Before he could enjoy the sweetness of resting, he found Jasmine glaring at him as if he committed an unforgivable crime.

"What are you doing?"

Listening to the dumbest question he ever heard, Bin tilted his head and retorted

"Are you blind or what? I'm obviously sitting."

The poor mouse Jasmine was holding was crushed and deformed into an abnormal state. Bin was certain she had some anger management issues or he had talent in angering her no matter what he said, which was the case by the way.

"Who told you to sit?"

As if hearing some stupid shit yet again, Bin maintained his tilted head and replied to her while crossing his arms.

"I was feeling sore in my legs so I sat, is that a crime or what?"

"I did not order you to sit so you can't sit!"

Bin just shrugged his shoulders, sat in a more comfortable position, after doing so, he looked at Jasmine again and said whilst softly smiling

"I'm not a robot but a servant and a human being, I can't sit just because you said I can't? So if you don't allow me to breathe then I can't breathe?"

Seeing his smug face and annoying actions, Jasmine remained silent for a second before bursting out again

"F-fine! Sitting is fine but doing anything more than that is prohibited unless I say so!"

It was obvious she was an inexperienced master, god knows how she managed to get her previous servants to quit by themselves. Even sitting all day would not bother Bin, as long as he is not standing there motionlessly like a log.

Jasmine turned around and continued playing, her bent mouse was thrown away into a garbage bin near her and she casually took an exact copy of the mouse from her drawer. Bin couldn't see what was inside the drawer, but the simple thought was enough to guess that it was not the first time she broke a mouse and she surely had shitloads of copies there.

'Tsk! The cost of one mouse like that can allow me to live for a month or even more!'

Bin felt pained as he saw how a gamer mouse like that, with a famous brand and some special options in it, was destroyed just like that. Moreover, it was a teenage girl who did that, she didn't look strong so how in the bloody hell did she bend it to such a degree?

People with special powers are a lot in this world, such as inborn Divine Strength, telekinesis, or even magic, but she didn't appear to be a person with inborn divine strength...

"Argh!! I died because you distracted me!"

Bin gaped at what happened in front of him, his eyes were wide open and his mouth half-closed. He was normally calm even if the sky collapsed but seeing the precious new mouse destroyed before being used for less than 5 minutes made his heart bleed.

The mouse was still shining and brand new yet it was bent like the last one.

He really wanted to shout 'No matter how rich you are, this is just too wasteful!' but he didn't, she was clearly enraged and her wrath would fall upon him if he replied to her.

While relaxing on the big sofa, Bin just kept staring at her play and smash her hands on the keyboard, insulting her comrades left and right.

Fortunately, she didn't speak with her microphone or it would have been more disastrous.

After a while, a window popped on her screen. Bin never played any games but he was not an idiot, he knew many games and just by watching her, he kind of grasped how to play it.

You have been placed in the bronze division: Bronze V


Bin couldn't hold his laugh as he saw that. The game she was playing was popular and he had some knowledge about it and he knew that bronze is the worst place to be. But considering how she was cursing and playing earlier, she deserves to be there.

His laugh was not left unnoticed by Jasmine, who dumbfounded by the screen in front of her, his laugh snapped her out of her daze, she was both angry and depressed. This was the 5th account she played on and she always got placed at the same place, the truth was cruel but she didn't want to accept it.

"How could it be! A genius such as myself can't be placed here! This must be a bug or they are too dumb to realize my skills!"

Jasmine didn't smash another mouse, she just jumped on her wide bed and started punching her pink pillow. Anyone would find this cute if they were deaf as her cursing made it look much worse, fortunately, her foul mouth is only released when she's alone, or partially alone.

Bin chuckled as he looked at the message on the screen, anyone would be angry if they were placed in such a low and bad division, her reaction was natural but for him, it was a blessing. Her suffering was what made him accept this job, along with the pay of course.

After releasing her anger for a couple of minutes, Jasmine sat up on the bed and looked at the smirking Bin. Just seeing his face made her angrier, especially that mocking smile.

"What are you laughing at? Lowly servant!"

"I'm just happy to see the amazing display of master's godly skills in the game."

Every word he said was straight out sarcasm and mocking which made her more and more enraged. Jasmine remained calm and displayed a lovely smile, she just pointed to the door and calmly said

"Go bring me my dinner."

"From wher--"

Before he could finish, a flying pillow smashed into his head then her voice rang out again

"Just go!"

Bin didn't ask again and just left the room, but his stupid master didn't tell him from where to get the dinner, he didn't even know where the kitchen was.....

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