The CEO’s seduction


Unfettering; the act of setting free from the power of another, as from slavery, subjection, dependence or controlling influence.



Someone was following me!

I turned back but I saw nothing, only darkness staring back at me.

If I try to increase my pace, I would get to the train station within minutes.

I felt It again, it was as if someone was right behind me but when I turned back……

No one was there!

My subconscious told me someone may be lurking in the shadows, waiting for a vulnerable moment for me. Getting ready to attack and strangle life out of me.

I shouldn’t waste any more time by slowing down, I can get killed for what I saw, Just like they were killed by what they had done!

As I closed my eyes, trying to calm down, the memories came back; mama’s screams for help, Charles’ subtle tears and papa’s hard glare that was unchanging and after a second, all I could see was blood, decorating the f
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