An Act of Vengeance
An Act of Vengeance
Author: Shevon Lim


Huff. Huff. Pant. Pant.

Yuri Kirisawa forced herself to her feet once more, a heavy stream of blood flowing down the right side of her face, forcing her to keep her right eye closed to prevent the blood from entering her eye. Like the rest of her, her clothes were all messed up as well, and the right sleeve of her coat was barely hanging on.

Yuri breathed heavily as she faced the man who called himself ‘God’, the leader of the terrorist organisation that she had been pursuing for the past year. Just outside the room of the enemy’s hideout, Yuri could hear sounds of battle, as well as the sound of metal against metal, along with the occasional gunshot.

Yuri turned a worried glance towards the entrance of the room.

‘Tohya… Ren… Please be alright.’

Yuri winced as a sharp stab of pain shot through her right arm, and she looked down only to see white bone sticking out of the skin of her elbow. Blood was flowing freely down the many injuries on her arm, courtesy of the numerous sword slashes dealt to her by her opponent – the man who had called himself ‘God’.

Yuri cursed silently to herself. ‘Damn… My right arm’s all messed up. I can’t use it.’

She then moved her left hand which was shaking slightly, grabbing her gun by her foot before turning to face ‘God’.

It’s been a while since she had used her original dominant hand.

Yuri breathed heavily, her breaths coming in huffs and pants.

This is it. They’ve all trained for this day.

‘God’ and his organisation must die.

“Is that…all that you’ve got?” Yuri asked, a slight smirk pulling at the edges of her lips, ignoring the sharp stabs of pain all over her body. She was also sure that she had probably gotten a concussion or two as well, judging by the major headache that she was currently suffering from.

‘God’ frowned disapprovingly, the katana – a Japanese samurai sword in his right hand stained with blood. Yuri’s blood to be exact.

“Why do you deny your own destiny?” He wanted to know. “You’re the Chosen One. The Child of God!”

A bullet which zipped past his head, missing him by mere inches, was Yuri’s answer to that.

The eighteen-year-old teen was fixing him with a piercing gaze, as well as a dangerous glint in her eyes which ‘God’ was quite familiar with. How many times had he seen it in the eyes of all his past opponents? How many times had he seen this gaze in the eyes of people acquainted with Yuri Kirisawa?

Kenji Kirisawa, her uncle, had that look in his eyes when he had killed that meddling fool.

So did Miki Ishigawa and her two older brothers.

Hitomi Kirisawa, the woman that he had fathered a child with had the same look as well.

Yuri Kirisawa is indeed a true blooded Kirisawa. And she can call herself the niece of Kenji Kirisawa, the legendary Black Dragon who was extremely famous in the underground society of Japan.

“You talk too much.” Yuri hissed dangerously, tightening her grip on her gun. “You are no God. And I am not the ‘Child of God’.” She tightened her grip so much that her gun looked dangerously close to crushing in her hand. “I’m the child of a murderer!”

Her voice echoed throughout the room.

Yuri straightened her posture before fixing her gun onto ‘God’. “I swear…even if I have to die here… I’m going to finish what my mother and uncle have both started! I swear that I will kill you here!”

A gunshot rang out.

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