The Fallen Princess
The Fallen Princess
Author: Violet Evergarden
To Be A King

The Zirconia Kingdom,

"Hayden! Hayden! Look!" Yuina Zephyrine twirls around Hayden Black after changing her attire to the new dress for tomorrow night.

Looking at her, he still composed of his stone expression.

"How do I look?" She grinning to her ear while looking into a big stand mirror in front of her.

All other servants who are in her room lowered their heads and stay still at the side of the corner.

Yuina Zephyrine is the only princess of the Zirconia Kingdom. She will turn 23 years old tomorrow, this is why she tries her new dress for the banquet night tomorrow. Her dress is hand made by seven tailors from other provinces with a very high-end satin.

Standing near her is Hayden Black. He is also known as General Hayden. The strongest general that Zirconia kingdom has. He also worked as a princess's private knight as per King Edward IV's order. He becomes a friend of princess Yuina since he was 10 years old. Officially becoming a princess's private knight since he was 16 years old. He also got his title as the strongest general since he was 16 years old.

"You look normal as always." He said nonchalantly.

"What?!" She glares at him before she puffs her cheek. "I take two hours to wear this dress."

He just curled up his lips a little hearing she complaining.

"His Majesty King Edward is coming here." One of the servants who guarded at the outside of the princess's room said with a bit loud voice to let the other servant inside the room to be on alert.

Yuina eye's beaming with happiness. Once the door is open, she immediately runs to her father. "Papa! Papa! Look! Do I look pretty?" Her eyes show that he needs to say something pleasant to hear.

King Edward smile looking at her pampered daughter. He caresses on her red velvet, silky hair. Her small face with porcelain skin and clear eyes remind him of his late wife. Except that his wife had long black hair.

"You look beautiful as always. Isn't that right, Hayden?" He looks at his trusted general, hoping that he will agree with him.

Yuina already turned to look at him. Lifting her one eyebrow, waiting for his answer.

He ignores her gaze and looks at King Edward instead. Nod his head, he said, "Yes, your highness."

"Hayden..!" Yuina stomping and 'humph' at him.

Her action makes King Edward laugh happily. He then looks at Hayden, "Hayden, can you wait at the outside? I need to talk to my daughter."

Giving the signal to the other servants, he bows his head and leaves after all of the servants out of the room.

Once the room's door is closed, King Edward takes a seat at the luxury sofa in Yuina's room. His face turns a bit serious and there's a glimpse of worry in his eyes.

"Papa, is there something that you want to tell me?" She went to her father and take a seat beside him.

He holds both of her hands with gentle. "Yuina, the day after tomorrow I will announce your engagement with the man that I chose. Do you have any objection?"  He asks.

Pursed her lips a bit, he replied after a few seconds. "If this is for my sake and the kingdom's sake. I have no objection, Papa. But, who is the man that you chose?"

Smiling at her, he said. "Someone that I trust this kingdom with. Someone that will protect you by his life." He patted on her hair with a relief expression on his face.

Yuina also smiling happily. She thought it must be her cousin. Prince Hans Robert since he was someone who had a second rank after her in this Kingdom. He is his uncle's adopted son.

But with his intellectual and strategical skills, he has gifted a title as the 'Royal Prince.' Of course with his intellectual and skills,  one would think that he is the capable candidate to rule the whole kingdom. To be a king.

"Oh, right. Your cousin just arrived. He might be at his tower right now. Wouldn't you want to meet him?"  Edward said with a smile on his face. He knew his daughter had a crush with Prince Hans. But he really hopes it just a feeling of adoration and not more than that.

"Really? Why didn't he tell me that he was coming?" Again, her eyes beaming with excitement.

"Let's go then. I'll inform him to meet us at the training backyard."

"Okay, Papa. But, I need to change my dress first." She stands up and kisses her father's cheek before she went to her dress room.

King Edward went out of her room and let Hayden and the servant return back inside. He also gives instructions to one of his guards to send his message to Prince Hans to meet them at the backyard.


Yuina changes her dress with a lighter fabric. Her long hair is braided into a bun. She looks so energetic and yet the princess's aura never leaves her side.

"Princess Yuina." Prince Hans stride to her and Hayden in the hallway. He was a bit happy to see them both. Since kids, they were always together and play all around the castle.

Yuina jumps a bit while open her arms wide. "Prince Hans!" She was so excited to see his handsome face. He had silver hair and dress up so neatly. His eyes were blue like topaz and he had a pointy nose. His body is slightly shorter than Hayden and a bit skinny than Hayden. However, he still looks so amazingly handsome and he also famous around the female servants.

Just when he wants to hug Yuina, Hayden immediately blocks him from getting closer to her. " Sorry, you're not allowed to touch the princess."

He chuckled and patted on Hayden's shoulders. "Well, Hayden. Long time no sees. I never expect that you become taller and handsome like this."

"I always handsome and sturdy. And why did I feel like you become more skinny and light?" He pokes his long finger on his chest.

"Hey, that's harsh. I need my brain not my body to work. Unlike you, you need your body and strength to protect the princess. Now, move away. I need to hug my little princess." He shoved Hayden's hand and body. Went to Yuina, he hugs her while lifting her up.

"My little princess. Did you behave while I was away?" He put her down and stare at her eyes.

"Hans...I am an adult woman. Of course, I'm not behaving like a child." She pouted a bit.

Hans glance at Hayden. Hayden shakes his head signaling that's a lie. She did behave like a kid.

Seeing Hayden shook his head, she once again gasp and half yelled at him. "Hayden..!"

Lowered his head, he said, "I'm sorry, princess, I just stating the facts."

His answer inviting a punch from Yuina. She's weak, so, a mere punch from her did not hurt Hayden at all. Instead, her hand which is a bit hurt from hitting his solid chest.

Grab her small wrists, he said " Princess, please restrain your anger. Otherwise, you'll turn into an ugly monster."

Once again she gasped and punch him even harder.

Hans at the side just laughs softly.

"Papa, look at your general. He makes me mad." She growls at him when she suddenly spots her father coming to their way.

"Okay, that's enough Hayden. Don't tease her more or she'll cry later." King Edward smiling at the three of them.

Release her hands, he standing straight and bow his head a little. " Yes, your majesty."

"Okay, back to why we're here. Prince Hans, can uncle see how's your training during your a few years away from the main castle?" He said firmly.

"Of course your majesty."  He also bows his head.

"General Hayden will be your opponent for today." He extends his hand towards his daughter and went to seating at the observation areas.

Tighten his cloth wrap on both of his wrist, he looked at Hans with smirked. "Ready Prince Hans?" He slips his big and long sword into the black sword platinum cover.

"Anytime, General Hayden." He also smirking to him and get on the white horse prepared by the servant.

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