The force of Ruby Ashton’s anger drove Millie back against the sitting room wall. The only protection it would offer was if it absorbed her and she wished that it would. Or better still, she wished for the floor to open up and swallow her miserable sister. Maybe if Ruby stamped her Louboutin clad foot even harder she would get her wish.

“It wasn’t me,” she protested. “I wouldn’t iron that kind of material.”

Millie ducked as the beaded silk-chiffon top flew like a wounded bird-of-paradise through the air towards her, and her elder sister stormed across the room after it.

Millie moved fast. Savage should have been Ruby’s middle name and she didn’t trust her not to lash out at her and with those nails, it could damage her; it would be like trying to fight a rabid she-

Ruby snatched the top up, only just missing Millie’s cheek. She shook it within inches of her sister’s face. “It’s ruined!” she screamed again.

Millie backed away as a scowling Ruby stalked her around the room.  "

Who else would have ironed it? You are the only one who knows how to use the stupid iron! I don’t even know how to put the ironing board up!” Ruby paused and glared at her younger sister. “And why would I want to?” She said with a lip-curling snarl, “that’s what you're here for.”

Millie moved again, putting the sofa between her and her sister. Ruby temper was the worst of her two sisters. There was no point in denying the fact again that she hadn’t ironed the top. Once Ruby got an idea into her head, there was no moving it.

In fact, Millie had already put two and two together and come up with three, or rather, she had come up with the culprit. The third sister in the family, Ruby’s twin, Pearl. Now she understood why the scorched top was in the washing machine, she hadn’t put it in with the hot wash, but it was there when she took the laundry out; Pearl must have shoved it in there.

Millie hung the top on a clothes hanger to dry and carried on with the rest of the laundry. She hadn’t seen it again, but it was no surprise that Pearl had sidled out of the room as soon as Ruby saw her ruined new top.

“You’ll pay for that!”

She ignored Ruby’s diatribe. Just a few more hours and

“We took you in.”

Millie’s eyes opened wide, her head shaking in disbelief,  Er... Wrong, you begged me to come and cook for a dinner party because you wanted to impress some guys.

“We gave you a job,” Ruby said, not allowing Millie to say anything.

You don’t even pay me.

“We’ve given you opportunities to travel,” Ruby carried on believing the lies she was spouting, and crossing them off on her fingers

Hmm, you mean that time you forgot your best shoes for that wedding you attended, and I spent nine hours on a train journey to Edinburgh? I journey that I paid for.

 “You have a lovely room in  a beautiful flat in the best part of town.”

Oh, you mean that box room with no window, the one that is piled high with your belongings? In the six months I’ve lived here I’ve never even been able to empty my suitcase.

“You just don't appreciate the things we do for you. Well, we’ve had enough. You’d better find another job by the time we get home from this shoot. Pearl and I have had enough of you.”

Millie let out a sigh of relief. Oh, thank god!  She couldn’t help but smile.

Ruby’s lips pursed as if she had been sucking a lemon. “Well, what have you got to say?”

The smile grew into a grin. “Have a great trip?”


Once the twins had left the building Millie poured a well-deserved glass of wine and spent the evening trawling ‘The Lady’ magazine’s website looking for another job. Millie would love to work for a family with small children, and even a baby to look after. She adored babies

She enjoyed looking after people, being useful to them, having a friendly relationship with them. It was something she had always wanted, but her home life had been a total disaster thanks to the twins and her mother. Her mother said the twins could do no wrong. They were spoiled rotten, and although she could remember the torment of what the twins put her through, she tried not to think of it. They were just children, and children could be cruel.

When Millie checked her emails on Monday morning, one agency she’d applied to had asked her to come and see them.  Two jobs she had applied for had also replied.

“Damn,” she said as she looked at the replies. Both jobs didn’t start until May, and it was the beginning of March now. She had to be out of this place before the twins returned on Sunday, so it looked like the agency was her only hope.                                                                    

Across London.

Gabriel awoke, yawning and stretching. He untangled his legs from his partner’s trying not to wake him. Gabriel liked this past morning time on his own. He stretched his legs to the colder part of the bed and turned his head to look at the clock on the bedside table. Not even six o’clock yet. was it too early to make a cup of tea?  He’d bring it back to bed and read the papers on his iPad until Nick dragged himself from his dreams.

Slipping from the warmth of the bed, reached for the dark blue robe laying on the grey velvet chaise, slipped it on and crept out of the room. It was still dark, and he flipped the kitchen light switch on and then wished that he hadn’t.

Fuck, when did it get this bad? it seemed like they had used every single piece of crockery and cutlery. Glasses and beer bottles entirely covered the kitchen island. He pulled the dishwasher open, and grabbed a mug from there and realised that Nick had forgotten to turn the bloody thing on.

Right, that was it. They would hire a housekeeper. Today. Without fail.  They hadn’t lived like this since they were students. He put the kettle on and rinsed two mugs out and made tea for both of them. He’d have to sweet talk Nick into employing a new housekeeper, after what happened with the last one. Perhaps waking him up this early might not be an outstanding idea. Unless… a wicked smile played on his lips and he ran back up the stairs with the drinks.

Nick was still fast asleep, he was on his stomach with his golden tanned and muscular arms shoved under the snowy white pillow.

Gabriel put the tea on the bedside table and climbed back into bed, he didn’t want to wake Nick just yet. He took a mouthful of tea and watched the love of his life sleeping. Just watching his partner elicited a warm fuzzy feeling somewhere in his stomach. For all the years he had known him, he never would have expected that they would become not just friends, but lovers too.

Even now, five years later, he was surprised that Nick had somehow seduced him. He’d always thought of himself as heterosexual, and although they were in a committed relationship, they both still loved girls and occasionally they would bring a couple of girls back for some fun and games.  If they ever found the right girl, and so far they hadn’t, they would ask her to stay with them. It was a tall order to ask someone to love both of them, and although they were content with each other, finding this beautiful girl was a long-held dream they both had.

Gabriel stroked Nick’s back. He needed him to turn over.

“Ahh, you’re cold,” Nick murmured as he turned onto his side, facing him.

“Not all cold.” Gabriel finished his hot tea, holding the last in his mouth while he moved down the bed. His hand trailed down his lover’s golden chest and pushed Nick onto his back, he swallowed the tea and claimed his prize.

Nick give strangled gasp as Gabriel wrapped his tea hot mouth around Nick’s rapidly awakening shaft. Nick’s strong fingers buried and frantically pulled Gabriel’s long tawny golden hair that was spilling across his stomach and chest.


Gabriel lifted his sleepy eyes to look at Nick, his lips popping off his lover’s now rock hard penis.

“Was that a request or an order?” he asked, propping himself up on his forearms.

Nick shook his head, his lips curling into a smile, “You decide.”

“I think you need to keep quiet for now and let me enjoy the only breakfast I can have in this house unless I want to spend three hours cleaning the kitchen and wash every plate, bowl, cup or glass.” He raised his brow, “and next time you fill the dishwasher it helps if you turn it on,”  Gabriel licked his lips and returned to his ‘breakfast.’ He swiped his wicked tongue over the dark purple mushroom head, causing Nick’s body to jump in delight.

Gabriel took his time in bringing Nick to orgasm, he loved doing this to him, and he enjoyed teasing him. He glanced up at him. His back was arched, and his hips moving to Gabriel’s rhythm. Gabriel smiled around his cock. Nick would explode in a few seconds, but that would not happen, not just yet, and he removed his mouth.

“So my love,” he asked, as he gently stroked the soft skin on the inside of Nick’s thigh, “I think it’s time you got to grips with us having a new housekeeper. What do you think?

He tried not to grin as Nick glared daggers at him.  “No point looking at me like that, you know it has to happen or are you going to ruin every shirt you own?”

It wasn’t fun having a stalker, but to have one inside your own house was terrifying.  Nick had refused to have another housekeeper since, and now it was getting on for six months without one. Nick’s mum came to help, but even she was getting fed up with phone calls from Nick begging for help with the washing machine and why his expensive white shirts had turned a rather delicate shade of pink.  

The last episode with a housekeeper had upset and disturbed him. It had done little for his peace of mind either. Amanda Short was one scary woman, definitely short in the head according to Nick, who was the recipient of some very disturbing letters. The police discovered, in their investigation, that she was getting on a train and posting her vindictive and threatening letters demanding money from a different county to avoid being caught.

Gabriel was the only one who saw this anxious side to Nick. It had been difficult six months ago, and at that point, Nick wouldn’t even leave the house. He had literally dragged Nick out if the house and pushed him into the car. They had gone to the coast; down to Cawlin. The house there was a refuge with tall gates and a brick wall on one side and with the sea on the other, and no one could just walk up to the front door as they could in London. Eventually, they had to return to the London house for work and meetings.

Housekeeping was not Nick’s greatest attribute, he had always had other people to look after him. At Cambridge, he’d always been the more domesticated one, and though Nick could cook the odd meal, if toast could be called a meal, he would never starve. If he wasn’t ordering pizza or Chinese he had an address book of full of girls who would give their eye teeth or, more likely, give him unfettered access to their vagina to cook for him.

“So, are you in agreement that we get a housekeeper? ”Gabriel asked again, his lips ghosting over the leaking essence.

“Gabriel, you realise that you’re blackmailing me, don’t you?”

Gabriel gave him a cheeky wink, “Yeah, but it will be worth it on both counts.”

“Okay, okay, just….” Nick lost the use of his voice as Gabriel took him all the way.

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