Waving her hands in front of her face, and blowing her breath upwards to dispel the burning heat, Millie went back to the kitchen, feeling relieved that she was alone in the house. She definitely needed time to recover from her late start and the news of that wretched forfeit jar. 

She blushed scarlet again as she remembered what Nick had said 'specifically interact with others.' Bloody hell that could mean anything! 

These two would have her doing all sorts of indescribable and extremely naughty things, and she'd waffled on about making cakes and such.

Oh, she was such an idiot! No wonder they were laughing at her! She ran back into her room and changed to clothes she could clean in. She had wanted to give a good impression this morning by at least looking efficient, but she'd obviously ruined that by turning up late.

It was mid-morning by the time Millie had stopped blushing at her own stupidity, and determined to impress them both she got stuck into cleaning, at least they couldn't complain if she did her job. She polished and scrubbed from top to bottom. 

Cleaning house for other people was a good way of getting to know them, getting to see if they were tidy or not, cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms could be quite revealing.

Nick's bedroom was womb-like with claret red silk walls, and window blinds framed with billowing cream silk curtains. Millie stood in the doorway and took in the atmosphere, she couldn't see much due to the deep red shades being drawn, but she reached for the light switch and even then the room was still in subdued light. Millie walked through the room, the thick cream carpet deadening her footsteps. 

The only messages this room sent out were of the sensual kind. The thousand count cotton sheets that were so fine they felt like satin. The black fur thrown over the chaise was soft and luxurious, and the deep red suede headboard that went almost up to the ceiling was quilted in large squares which dominated the room.

The bed was the most enormous Millie had ever seen, she guessed nine feet by seven. Her face pulled a scowl at the thought of laundering sheets the size of those and hoped they had a current laundry account. Turning her attention to the rest of the room, she noticed two doors at the far end. The first one was his bathroom, black and white marble with a freestanding roll-top copper bath and on the other side of the room was a waterfall shower that you could fit a football team into to with room to spare, the whole room exclaimed luxury. 

The next door was his dressing room. It was lined with floor to ceiling cupboards and shelves in beautiful red mahogany. Millie opened one cupboard door to find his shirts, white at one end and black at the other with everything in between, stripes, checks, blues. The next cupboard was suiting, whatever else he was, the man was always going to be well dressed. Sweaters folded up on shelves, another stack filled with t-shirts.

In the middle of the room was a mahogany island containing several drawers, Millie, feeling nervous but nosy, opened the top one to find it held cufflinks and other jewellery, the next one watches, they all looked costly. She closed the drawer carefully and pulled at the bottom drawer, which was much deeper than the others.

For a moment Millie had no idea what the drawer contained, it was full of black boxes of all different sizes and all wrapped in cellophane straight from the shop. On the top of each box was the legend 'L'Amore' in raised silver script. Was this perfume of some description? It wasn't his cologne, those bottles were all lined up in the bathroom.

She picked a small box and at one short end was the white label containing the bar code and the description. Millie gasped and dropped the box. She picked it up quickly and looked again at the description. 'Clitoral Pebble Vibrator. Silver.' Millie put the box back in place, she was suddenly feeling intensely hot, and her breathing was very uneven. She picked another box, a bigger one this time. 'Rubber Ball Gag.' She pulled another one, 'Handmade Glass Butt Plug. Sm.' Millie gulped and hastily stuffed the boxes back in the drawer.

Just the thought of that particular object and Nick made her womb clench, and the heat rose up onto Millie's face much as she was that morning. For a moment, she stood catching her breath, and all she could think of was, did the forfeit jar have any connection to the items in the bottom drawer? 

Taking a deep breath and trying to pull herself together, it was nothing to do with her, she should never have looked in the first place. Besides, she had more pressing problems. Dealing with her sisters and keeping them away from her bosses.


Gabriel was bored, he was trying very hard not to yawn, and he reached for his cup draining the dregs of his cold coffee, anything to keep him awake. The chairman of the charity was still waffling on. The main points of the agenda had been made ages ago, and that is all that Gabriel was interested in. He glanced across at Nick, he was playing Candy Crush, and he was now on a higher level and beating him!

Nick caught him looking from the corner of his eye and smirked.

"Bastard!" Gabriel mouthed glaring at him. That was the last time he'd help him with that game. He glanced out of the boardroom window and stretched his legs under the table, the back of his left calf, catching Nick's right shin. For a moment, they rubbed against each other, and his mind wandered back to that morning.

He stifled a grin when he thought about Millie, she was so cute this morning. She had turned a delicious shade of pink when Nick was winding her up. He was going to enjoy having her in the house, they both were.

He would text her, find out how she was getting on.

"Hey Millie, I hope u r having a g8 day, did u find everything that u need?"

Just as Gabriel was texting, the chairman finally finished talking. Nick put his phone away and leaned over to see what Gabriel was doing. 

He read the text and scoffed, "For God's sake Gabriel, you're thirty-three, she's going to think you're about nine years old and just got your first phone. Are you sure you can you do joined-up writing yet?"

Gabriel shrugged and passed his phone to Nick, "I don't know, she's ten years younger than us that might be normal for her. Tony does it like that."

"Tony?" Nick scoffed "The man who wants you to piss about eating kangaroo anus in 'I'm A Celebrity... And pay you pocket change?"

Nick shook his head in despair " Really Gabriel? The man's a complete wanker." 

Nick deleted the text, his fingers hovered over the keyboard, "Okay, we shall call her Amelia, I'm not keen on Millie it makes her sound like she's a puppy or something."

Gabriel stifled a smile, "She does have quite a fabulous pair of puppies."

"She most certainly does," Nick finished typing."there that's more like it." He pressed send and passed the phone back to Gabriel.

"Amelia, we hope you found everything you need and that you're working hard."

"Sounds a bit harsh, it is her first day." 

"We might as well start as we mean to go on." Nick shuffled the documents they had been given from the table and shoved them in his messenger bag. "Come on we have lunch to get to, we can phone her later."

Gabriel wondered just what was going through Nick's mind, he'd been reticent since Amelia had arrived, and as far as he was concerned, that could only mean one thing, that she was definitely on Nick's mind and he couldn't stop thinking about her.


Millie flicked her feather duster across the top of the cabinet when her phone buzzed in her pocket. Oh no that meant the twins were up and the texting and ringing would start, Pearl and Ruby, were desperate to know all about her boss. 

She would ignore it, she wouldn't even look at it until lunchtime at least. She was working, and her sister would have to get used to the fact that she couldn't just jump every time they said so. Millie refused to look at her phone, Pearl would just have to wait.

Her phone buzzed twice more in the next hour as she cleaned the upper floor. Gabriel's room was a surprise after Nick's. It was like walking into a California beach house, beautiful turquoise sea colours and pale sea-washed wood. The bed was just as huge as Nick's, but the headboard was large interlocking driftwood spars joined together in a massive arch against the wall. There was the faint smell of the fragrance that he wore which reminded of Millie of sunshine and surf. She looked around and decided that apart from quick dust, the room was pristine. The bed was neatly made, and she deduced that he was the tidy one of the pair. The bathroom was elegant and neat, and the whole suite looked as if Gabriel was never there.

It was nearing lunchtime and just as Millie had finished vacuuming the stairs her phone rang. She knew it wasn't Pearl; it wasn't her ring tone. She sat on the bottom step, and her private fleet of butterflies rose in her stomach when she saw it was Nick calling her.


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