Nick unlocked the front door they had enjoyed lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Groucho club where they knew that they wouldn't be disturbed. They had decided to give Millie a week to see how they got on with each other, though judging from the conversation yesterday evening they both knew in their hearts that it would take something drastic to let her go. They walked towards the kitchen stairs and then stopped.

"Listen," Gabriel whispered.

"We can't listen to her conversation." Nick tried to pull Gabriel away from the top of the stairs. Gabriel stayed put. "Shh, something's wrong."

Nick stopped and listened.

"Pearl, please don't do this, I like this job, I won't stop you from getting photo shoots and catwalk jobs. Just leave me alone!" Millie's voice was getting louder.

"No I can't invite you, how can I just invite you here on my first day? No, I'm not keeping them all to myself, I'm not so deranged that I think they might actually look at me as anything other than the person who washes their socks for them. Unlike you!"

Gabriel looked at Nick "who's she talking to?"

Nick shrugged and listened.


Millie screwed her fist up, she knew that she had to get this over and done with now, if she put the phone down on Pearl she would be bound to ring back.

"What do you mean who else do I work for? I work for Nick; he's the one paying my wages. Oh Gabriel, yes Gabriel is here as well.

Millie took the phone away from her ear as the hysterical screaming threatened to deafen her.

"Listen to me you silly girl, if you don't get us an invite I will tell mummy that you stole her diamond ring! We are free on Friday, so make it happen!" Pearl snarled.

Nick pulled Gabriel back into the hall, "what the hell was all that about?" He whispered, not wanting Millie to hear them.

Gabriel shook his head "I have no idea, other than the fact that someone wants to meet us, someone, that Amelia doesn't want us to meet."

Nick pushed both his hands through his hair, he wasn't expecting any kind of trouble from Amelia, it was frustrating when all he wanted to do was get to know her and enjoy her company and more if he could.

"What the fuck! What do we do now?"

"I'll talk to her, you'll just scare her to death."

Gabriel could see the frustration etched on Nick's face and he smiled inwardly, he knew Nick expected everything to go his way, their way, and if it didn't, he would just batter the opposition down until he got his way.

Nick shrugged "gets results, though."

Gabriel grasped Nick's arm and dragged him towards the sitting room. He quietly shut the door behind him. They both looked around the room, the fuggy aroma of stale beer and pizza was gone, and there was a clean, fresh scent all around them. The room looked perfect, the white leather sofas gleamed and all the furniture had been polished, neither of them had seen it look like this for a long time. For a moment they were both speechless.

Gabriel felt his irritation with Nick dissipating, and he walked over to the windows at the far end of the room.

"I'd forgotten there was a garden here," he said, looking at the overgrown mess.

Nick came to stand by him "better phone Jack see what kind of miracle he can make out of this."

Gabriel turned and sat on the window seat, "I'll phone my dad later, I'm sure he could do with a challenge" he said, nodding his head towards the jungle.

He reached for Nick, pulling him to stand in between his legs, his hands sliding up his thighs to rest on his hips, his thumbs stroking the softer place just above his belt.

"You like Amelia?"

Nick smiled down at him, "Yes," he whispered.

If Gabriel kept stroking him there, he would be unzipped, and his cock would be tickling Gabriel's tonsils before he knew it.

"Me too." They'd never done this before, not seriously anyway, playing about with a couple willing girls was fun, but it never lasted more than one night. 

Nick leaned into him his forearms resting on his shoulders, his fingers playing with his hair. Gabriel looked up at him; he was gazing out of the window.

"Would you like Amelia to have a full-on relationship with us, with the pair of us?" Gabriel prayed that he would say yes

Nick looked into his lover's deep blue eyes and sighed "I can't get her out of my head, I never expected to be practically struck dumb."

Gabriel grinned, shaking his head at him "I never expected you to be struck dumb either I've never seen you so quiet."

For a moment Gabriel envisioned Amelia naked in their bed, her beautiful hourglass curves took his breath away. Her hair would've spread out around her, contrast against her creamy skin. His mouth would water at the sight of those gloriously heavy breasts, and swollen rose coloured nipples. He would drop kisses down her body, across her nipped-in waist and the gentle swell of her tummy. What would she look like? A neat triangle of dark silky hair or one of those daft landing strips, he'd never seen the point of that, it always looked as if something was missing. Best of all she would be completely bare with creamy smooth skin, he got goosebumps just thinking about it. He would wrap her thick chestnut hair in his hands while he kissed and made love to her.

"She's delicious." He said banishing the thought for the moment and trying unsuccessfully not to let the blood run South.

She wasn't like the girls they usually had in their circle. The ones who would give them the eye, the ones who wanted to be seen with them, and would more than likely notch their own bedpost.

"Amelia seems far too...innocent." Gabriel frowned "I wouldn't want her to get hurt, Christ not when she can clean like this," he joked, waving his hands at the room.

"So what do we do?" Nick asked, removing Gabriel's hands and sitting next to him.

Gabriel wrinkled his nose, "not much at the moment, Christ she's only been here a day, and we're practically head over heels already. We're just going to have to take our time, get to know her, let her get to know us."

"And what do we do about what we just heard in the kitchen?"

"Leave it to me, I'll sort it." Gabriel stood up, "come on, let's go and see how she is, go and bang the front door, let her know we are home."


Millie washed her face and had redone her make-up. She was at the round kitchen table, iPad in front of her, gazing at a beautifully decorated cake, but not seeing it at all. The only thing on her mind was how could she stop her sisters from doing the horrible things they had mentioned.

How could Pearl threaten her with that diamond ring when she was the one who had tricked her into selling it! Her and that weird boyfriend she had been seeing. Millie didn't like him at all, she was sure he was on drugs! Not that she had ever known anyone who was taking drugs, but he just seemed really odd, all pleasant and charming one minute and really vile the next. In fact, she had her suspicions that Tom had slapped Pearl at least once.

She had fetched the ring from her mother's dressing table after Pearl had asked her to, saying that her mother had left a message before she went on holiday that she would like it sold, she never wore it anyway.

Pearl had made her take it to the jewellers she was far too busy, and she had a shoot that day. So being the gullible fool she had taken it to be sold. Millie had felt vulnerable, carrying thousands of pounds in cash around in her handbag, but her mother, or rather Pearl, had insisted on money. Millie knew not to argue with what seemed to be her mother's wishes, and she was sick of being yelled at for the slightest thing by her sisters. So she had done it. Taken the ring and sold it, even though in the back of her mind, she knew this wasn't right.

When she had returned to the house, Tom was there too, and for some reason, Pearl looked nervous.

"Give me the money Millie, hurry up will you!" Pearl shouted and stamped her foot, trying to make her hurry.

Millie tried to unzip her bag, but the zip seemed to have stuck, she tugged and pulled, but it wouldn't move.

Tom grabbed the bag and ripped it apart, "stupid fucking cow!" He yelled when she tried to grab it back.

He took the money out and shoved it into his jacket.

"That's not your money!" She screamed at him, she tried to take the money back, but he pushed her, and she fell over, banging her head on the table as she fell.

"You say nothing about this bitch or your sister will tell your mummy!"

Mille tried to speak to Pearl, but she just shook her head at her and left with Tom.

It was over a year since that incident had happened, and Millie had done everything Pearl asked of her since. It had never been mentioned until today when it was obvious that Millie had something that Pearl hadn't.

In part her mother only had herself to blame, she never wore the ring and hadn't for years it was just sitting in her dressing table drawer untouched and unloved. Her mother probably didn't even know it was missing! She had no doubt that if her mother knew about the ring, she would call the police in a fit of pique to embarrass her and show her up. Millie shuddered with dread she knew her mother would never believe her if she told her that it had all been Pearl's idea.

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