Claire Henderson was just tidying her desk, she'd had a reasonably quiet afternoon considering that she was the go-to woman for several high profile people. She had uploaded a couple of photos and a link for an interview for an up and coming singer who had just won a national competition. She had spoken to the social media assistant who worked for her firm and who was in charge of the Facebook profile of one of the biggest British heartthrob actors Sebastian Drake and had a conversation with a detective from Scotland Yard over a woman who was stalking him.  

When she got home she would call Nick, find out how the meeting went this morning, it was a pity she couldn't make it, she usually would have been there.  The police had been called after she had spent time talking to Seb this morning. 

The poor lamb was quite shaken up after reading some vile and threatening messages and had flown to a Bali to have some peace and qui

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Amar Ragoobar
so far the reading is beautiful, the main characters are really good and just want you to engrossed yourself

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