President Han's decision

As Chu Nian was drunk, the second generation heir was constantly trying to reduce the distance between both of them. There on the other side goddess Su Mo came near President Han and started swaying her body near him trying to show her ample boson which can make any man go drooling over it. But it seemed as if her charm was not enough, President Han was unmoved as his mind was wandering somewhere else. Taking the opportunity, the second generation heir got up holding Chu Nian in his arms while saying, "president Han, we all know this is your property and today you are here just for some routine financial inspection and not for any accompanies. So I think there's no need to be formal between us regarding this girl. I will take her".

Saying this as they started walking forward, something passed into President Han's mind and he snatched Chu Nian from someone else's arm and placing her beside him. This action startled everyone present in the room including Chu Nian. He was well known to not indulge in such affairs hence when he selected chu Nian many people in the club were flustered and no one dared to take chu Nian from him. After all, everyone knew he was the youngest rich person in the whole country. Angering him will only lead to a miserable death. He did not hold Chu Nian from her waist or shoulders or wrists like many other persons were doing to show their dominance, President Han just started moving forward out of the club's bar towards the rooms. Taking the cue Chu Nian also started moving asides him quietly.

Soon, both of them entered the corridor where it was as quiet as even the sounds of walking could be sharply heard. While president Han and Chu Nian were walking, suddenly appeared a young beautiful lady who was calling President Han.

The lady was none other than, Zhu ling ling, a goddess as well as an A list actress. She was someone who always trampled newcomers and upcoming actresses who can cause her threat. Obviously, all of her methods were related to the awful and shameless things that were considered as a part of unspoken rules in the industry. Chu Nian knew this because she had also been a part of the crew to work with her. Though Chu Nian's role was barely one minute, the days she spent while shooting the scene were enough to give her an idea of Zhu Ling Ling's character.

No one in the industry didn't know that almost 90% of the industry is under the Han group, while the rest belongs to small actors who have started their own agency but none of them could compete or even compare with Han. All the high grossing and top films as well as advertisements were under Han's control. Zhu ling ling was wearing a black off-shoulder gown highlighting her curves which could be revealed completely is she bent down, the dress also had a thigh slit cut which was able to show her long legs. Her body was dented with thick piles of makeup. Bright red lipstick with a strong perfume made Han disgusted about her. But being in the industry for a long time he knew how to control his emotions flawlessly.

As zhu ling ling saw president Han has stopped in his tracks she immediately came towards him and squeezed herself between Han and Chu Nian.

Acting coquettishly she said "President Han, Why do you want to leave so early, the party has just begun. Why are you in such a hurry? I miss you soo much President Han." Zhu ling ling wrapped one of her legs on President Han's waist while wrapping one of her hands around his neck and decreasing the distance between two to almost negligible.

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