Depths || Filipino Novel ✔
Depths || Filipino Novel ✔
Author: jhq


OS:1 Depths

 Ocean really facinates me, no matter how scary and mysterious it is. The depths somehow manages to pull me closer and closer, making me sink deeper and deeper.

  But there's still some thoughts making me wonder, how far and how deep the ocean is. What's beyond the never ending horizon?


A disclaimer...

For I am just a human, I highly recommend for all the readers of this story to be disciplined and respectful for me as the author.

I, with no hesitation and doubt, will mute all those who will be disrespectful to me. Know all the differences in every stories, it doesn't mean that a character from this story has same traits from a story you've read so far means that my works are published to be compared and bashed.

I will write as much and as long as I want, with no doubts of my skills and to hone it with in.

I write fiction, with characters personality inspired from the people that surrounds me and events that occured in my life.

This is fiction, with a bit of reality. Don't be driven too close for I don't want you to be drown in a fake world.

This is fiction, with a bit of reality. Too petty for online wars and online hates.

I only accept critiques but never a plain excuse for rudeness.

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