''Hi, Albert. You're a bit cheery today,'' I say as soon as I step inside his room, the door closing behind me before placing the tray of food onto the table.

          Both of Albert's eyes drift away from the television immediately, a smile appearing onto his face—revealing wrinkles on his cheeks. He leans back onto the bed, ''I should be saying that to you,'' He replies as he chuckles.

           I place both of my hands onto my hips as I smile, frowning slightly at his respond. He shrugs, pretending not to know anything before taking a sip of his soup.

           ''The ring shows it all,'' He adds which causes me to immediately hide my left hand behind my back, out of his sight.

          Knowing Albert, he doesn't just have a temper but he's also a cheeky old man. Mischievous, too. He must've heard the other nurses and doctors talking about the whole proposal that happened yesterday . . . like I said, he's cheeky.

           Ever since Aidan proposed, I was and still am the talk of them all. When I was walking down the hall, a few doctors and nurses came towards me—started asking me about Aidan. They also complimented my ring and said how lucky I am to be engaged to the 'Top 5 Hottest Bachelor' of the year.

          It's not a surprise that they know about Aidan, he's by far known by almost everyone. One of the youngest CEO to ever accomplish and achieve before the age of thirty; women go crazy for him and men want to be him. Well . . . some of them.

          They won't stop talking about how attractive Aidan was when he proposed and they even showed me pictures which told me they weren't lying. I've looked at Aidan for twenty-years and it would be a lie if I say that, him being attractive has never crossed my mind because he is.

           Even though his eyes are plain brown, they are light and beautiful in their own way. He makes himself look perfect that no one would even realise about his flaws. I've known him long enough to know how much he hates the shape of his lips but the feature that he hates most is actually craved by women, the most.

          He knows that he's attractive, beautiful or even hot. As they would say but he also knows how much flaws he has. He just chooses to ignore them and flaunt his flawless features.

           ''You don't have to hide it,'' Albert continues to say, ''Your face shows it, too.'' The way he says without even looking at me causes me to chuckle, knowing how much he has been the one to cheer me up whenever I'm down or even listen to my problems.

          Albert, known as short-tempered and even grumpy by others but by me, he's the sweetest old man I've ever taken care of. He knows when people are lying to him because he said he has lived long enough to study the faces of liars and I don't blame him, he's being cautious.

          At times, he would tell me stories about his son. He only has one. By the way he would describe him, it shows just how much he loves him with his whole heart and that he misses him because the last time he saw him was when he left to live in London.

          In fact, his son has never once came to visit. Truthfully, no one ever came to visit. It saddens me to ever think about him whenever I'm at home, knowing that he's alone in the hospital and just probably wondering about his son, his late wife.

          Her name was Helen, described by him as the most beautiful woman to ever exist. He also told me how much her brown eyes haunt him in his sleep which causes him to miss her more than he already has. Sometimes, he would just look out at the window and hold onto her necklace . . . a necklace he gave her on their first date.

          They met back in Texas, at a carnival. He called it as love at first sight because one glance at her, he knew she'd be the love of his life. Apparently, their friends were the matchmakers. They had paired them up during the whole night at the carnival, rode different rides together and even ate cotton candies, for the first time.

She never had them before.

          It was hard for them. He was a country boy who had a barn and she was the city girl who came to the countryside just because her grandmother was dying—they knew they were fated together and they started to see each other more often, even without her father's permission.

          Things were different back then, as told by Albert. All it ever took to confirm his love for her was just by spending time together—they went through all the things that would only appear in movies but it was real for them, dancing in the middle of the street when it was raining and even picnicking in the garden with home-cooked food by him.

          After all those nicely spent weeks, he was going to lose her because he was only a poor country boy with no fortune, her father had disagree when he wanted to ask her hand in marriage—he wanted to have her forever, as his wife.

          Yet, they both loved each other more than anything else in the world. She had ran away with him, left everything behind her when they eloped. It was the best decision in her life and also his . . . because death was the only thing that separated them.

           ''You know what, Albert. I wish I could've lived in the earlier nineties so that I can see how you were when you were younger,'' I say and he chuckles, shaking his head.

           ''I was a very handsome young man,'' He replies.

          With a smile plastered onto my face, ''I can tell.'' Then, I make my way towards him before taking a seat, watching him eat his food as I glance down at his other hand, his wife's necklace in his hand, being gripped tightly.

           ''Who's the unlucky man?'' He asks, turning to look at me which leaves me smirk at him as I glance down at the engagement ring. Ever since I had it on, I can't seem to look away. The way the ring just stares back at me with its own elegancy, I'm left astonished.

           ''Can I tell you a secret?'' I ask, my voice low and almost inaudible.

           All of a sudden, a nurse walks in which causes me to turn around and see that she's currently panting from all the running. I stand up immediately, trying to catch up with the words escaping her lips.

          ''You're needed in the emergency room as soon as possible,'' She says in between pants before gesturing for me to follow her. Both of her eyes are looking directly at me as I look down at her uniform, seeing that there's blood splattered across it.

          I turn towards Albert, ''Tell me some other time.'' He says and I nod before quickly running down the hall and straight towards the emergency room, trailing behind the nurse.

          As soon as we've arrived in the emergency room, I am left staring at someone who has been screaming in pain, immediately making me walk towards him. A couple of doctors are tending to him but according to his injury, he needs to be in operation room, right now.

          ''What happened?'' I ask one of the doctors as he's busy trying to stabilise the patient's heart rate. Sweats are forming on his forehead before gesturing for the nurses to take him straight towards the operation room.

          ''Severe injuries. It was a hit and run,'' He replies as we both make our ways towards the operation room before someone begins to pull onto my forearm, leaving me standing in the middle of the hallway, looking straight at the previous nurse.

          ''It's okay, Dr. Mike will be there in the operation room and you are needed to take his place in the emergency room,'' She says and I nod, making my way back towards the emergency room before glancing towards the amount of patients in here, increasing.

          My eyes widen as soon as they landed on a familiar figure on of the hospital beds, leaving me stare at him. Without me realising, I am already taking a few steps towards him before stopping once I realise that I'm getting closer.

          His hazel eyes meet mine and we both stare at each other, in surprise. I quickly make my way towards him before seeing that his calf is bleeding which causes me to look back up at him. It's a surprise to see him here . . . out of the places in the world.

          ''Kenna,'' He says my name.

          ''What happened?'' I ask, glancing towards the doctor who is currently doing the stitches. Noah on the other hand is gripping onto the bed as the pain hits him which leaves me trying to hold back my laughter, knowing how much he hates being in pain. He doesn't do well especially when it comes to stitches.

          ''Rock climbing accident. Scraped his leg,'' The doctor replies before finishing the last couple of stitches. ''Could've been worse but luckily, just a slight tear. You're good,'' She adds as she stands up, walking away towards the other patients.

          Both Noah and I look at each other, realising that there's an unfamiliar figure standing beside him before excusing himself as soon as he realises the tension building.

          ''I didn't expect to see you here,'' He starts to speak, wincing in pain as he tries to move his leg before letting out a deep breath.

''I work here,'' I reply.

          ''Still, I didn't expect to see you—especially in a situation like this.'' He groans but he manages to sit properly, ''It's still nice to see you, Kenna. It has been awhile,'' He adds.

          Noah and I met in a restaurant during a clumsy incident. I spilled drink on his shirt when he was walking pass my table, then it all began with the whole embarrassment which ended up being something blissful for once.

         We dated for a year and a half.

          ''It's nice to see you too. Looks like you're into rock climbing, now?'' I ask, gesturing to the injury and he starts to chuckle, running his fingers through his dirty blonde hair—moving his neck length hair towards the back.

         ''What do you expect? I needed something to clear my mind from you,'' He replies, spontaneously which leaves me speechless. ''At least I have something to do other than working because it seems to me . . . you're still here,'' He adds, causing me to smirk.

         ''Well, this is home.'' I reply sarcastically before shoving both of my hands into my white coat before hearing him chuckling, louder. He seems to be enjoying our sarcastic responds by the way he's currently looking at me with a small smile plastered onto his face.

          Our relationship was perfect, people would always tell how we were match made in heaven and I've never once disagreed. He's beautiful with his hazel eyes and both sided dimples, anyone would fall for him in an instant just like how I did when we first met.

          Actually, he was the perfect boyfriend. People were envious and jealous of me because I had someone like him to go home to—yet, I was never there for him. It would always be him who was there for me . . . during my worse or even my best.

          ''You look great,'' He says as he looks into my eyes, ''As you have always been.''

          I smile, ''I'm glad you didn't turn into a slob when I left,'' I respond which causes him to chuckle again before trying to stand up—in which I help by slowly placing my hand around his waist and the other on the side of his stomach.

          He winces in pain, ''I shouldn't have went rock climbing during a headache. Should've remembered your advices,'' He mutters under his breath but loud enough for me to hear, leaving me scoffing and letting go of his waist as soon as we've made towards his friend.

          Both of his eyes are focusing onto my face as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear which causes him to glance at my hand—quickly making me realise about the ring on my left hand. Noah clenches his jaw for a few seconds before smiling at me, ''Congratulations,''

          I drop my hand immediately, ''It's not like that.''

          ''What is like, then? You're engaged, Kenna. There's no other way telling it but by the ring on your finger,'' He replies, trying to avoid making any further eye contact with me, ''I'm happy for you and I'm glad that you've found someone to be left alone at home,'' He adds.

          The last few words left quite an impact in me. Like I said, he has always been the one to understand more and because of that . . . he was too perfect for me. I'm the exact opposite from him and I didn't want to hurt him more than I already had.

           ''You know why I ended us,'' I mutter.

          Just as he's about to walk away, ''Yeah. No worries,'' He replies without even looking at me before making his way towards his friend after rejecting my help as he holds onto the pain. His friend walks towards him and tries to help him but he walks off, ignoring him.

          I furrow my eyebrows as he walks away. Our relationship ended in good terms but somehow, it was left hanging. Things could've been different and better but I didn't try hard for that . . . for us when we still had one another.

          My eyes glance down at my phone's screen before picking the call, ''Come at the front.'' Aidan says through the other line which causes me to let out a deep sigh.

          ''What is it with—'' I am left cut off by him hanging up which causes my mouth to open wide before gripping onto my phone, tightly in anger. After taking a few deep breaths, I quickly make my way towards the main entrance, eyes wandering around looking for him.

          Just as I'm about to call him back, I am left staring at a familiar matte black Maserati which belongs to none other than Dimitri. My lips curve up into a smirk as he presses down the windows, revealing Dimitri at the driver's seat and Aidan at the passenger's seat.

         ''Get in, loser.'' Dimitri says as he lifts down his sunglasses.

''We're going shopping,'' Aidan continues.

          Then, they both begin to laugh. All of a sudden, Dimitri begins to wink at another doctor who seems to have passed them before smiling back at him—leaving him eyeing her legs. Well, that is definitely Dimitri when it comes to women . . . he loves them.

         ''Are you guys stupid or just pretending to be stupid? I'm working,'' I reply as I take a few steps closer towards the car, causing Dimitri to look up at as he holds onto his sunglasses, leaving it on the bridge of his nose.

          ''I don't want to do it but you're making me do it,'' He replies which causes me to frown but before I can say another word, he begins to press harder and longer onto the car's horn. People are already glancing towards our direction but he pays no attention to stop.

          My eyes widen as I reach out to grab him by the neck but he quickly presses up the windows, leaving me hitting my fist onto the windows, itself. I groan loudly at the pain before trying to peek through the dark tinted windows and taking a few steps back, knocking hardly.

          ''Someone's going to call the cops!'' I shout through the loud honking before it stops for a few seconds, as he presses down the window again—both of his eyes meeting mine.

          Aidan is left laughing at the side by Dimitri's childish behaviour, ''Come on, Kenna. Just get in the car and we don't have to continue this any further,'' Dimitri places his index finger onto the horn, attempting to press it again but I quickly surrender by entering the car.

         ''You two are assholes,'' I groan, slamming the door.

          Dimitri smirks as he glances up at the rear-view mirror before pressing onto the gas pedal, making the car go forward in fast pace. ''Don't you miss me? We haven't seen each other in a week!'' He says as he taps onto the steering wheel, according to the beat of the music.

         I move forward, in between Aidan and Dimitri before smacking onto the side of his temple which leaves him groaning in pain. ''Hey! Doctors aren't supposed to hurt people but actually do the opposite,'' He mumbles under his breath as he glances at me.

         As I'm about to smack him one more time, Aidan grabs onto my wrist before slowly making me stop my previous intention. He turns to look at me, ''You're going to ruin the ring!'' He says, examining the ring up close, leaving me rolling my eyes in annoyance.

         ''First couple's fight. Cute!'' Dimitri exclaims as he turns the volume louder, making me lean back in my seat and cross my arms at his behaviour.

          It's not something rare to see him or them like this, we're always somehow childish around one another but today doesn't seem like a good day for me to be joining them. Somehow, it's funny to be looking at them behaving this way when they're all devilish mean and tough whenever in public but when they're with me . . . they're just like a bunch of kids.

         ''Why are we going shopping?'' I ask, grabbing both of their attention.

          ''To impress your future mother-in-law,'' Dimitri replies with a sly smirk plastered onto his face as he presses harder onto the gas pedal but to only stop at the heavy traffic.

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