Athena's POV

''You muttering crappy things isn't going to help,'' Alex says from beside me as I keep on wrapping my body with my comforter. He has been sitting beside me, just watching me as I slowly becoming insane. How am I going to tell my mom? I am definitely not expecting this.

''Athena.'' He calls my name for the tenth time now.

I look up to meet his eyes—they are piercing into mine—but I look away immediately. Right now, I feel like I'm in The Conjuring because I am moving myself back and forth like I have completely lost my mind.

''Athena...'' Alex calls as he touches my arm and at the same time, the bell rings. My eyes widen before throwing the comforter away and run toward the front door. I look left at the security pad and see that my mom is already at the front. She is frowning as she crosses her arm.

''Damn it.'' I mutter under my breath.

I see Alex standing beside me with something in his eyes, sympathy? No, I can't seem to call it. I breathe in and out, trying to calm myself. Another knock on the door makes me panic again. Before I could open the door, Alex's hand block me from doing so.

''Athena, I'll help you okay.'' He clenches his jaw but I quickly remove his hand.

''I don't need your help.'' I say through gritted teeth, ''You've helped enough.'' And I roll my eyes before unlocking the door and grabbing the doorknob—revealing my mother standing with a serious expression—she looks right and saw Alex standing beside me.

''So this is him?'' She march inside, closing the door behind her.

''Mom...'' I furrow my eyebrows.

''Athena, who is he?'' She points at Alex who just stands near the wall, looking away from my mother. Well the look on his face shows that he's out of words. Beside, I told him not to help me, ''How long have you been going on with this boy?'' My mom looks at Alex.

''Mom can you please at least sit down?'' I try to hold her arm but she removes my hand immediately.

''Explain.'' Her voice sounded harsh.

''I'm sorry, Mrs. Delaney.'' Before I can say a word, Alex cuts me off. He looks directly into my mother's eyes who is also paying attention to him, ''I think Athena hasn't told you about our relationship.''

''Relationship?'' She raises an eyebrow at me as she look back at Alex.

''Um, yes.'' He rubs the back of his neck, ''Actually I'm not toying with your daughter. I'm not planning to hurt her and...'' Alex turns to look at me, ''I guess you should tell her, babe.'' There's a tiny hint of playfulness in his eyes and I can clearly see it but I just continue with the act. He might be saving my ass right now.

''Tell me what?'' My mother furrow her eyebrows at both of us, but then her eyes widen, ''Oh god, Athena. Are you pregnant?''

My eyes widen with her and I can tell that it's quite funny for us to show the same reaction, ''Mother! No, of course not. I'm not pregnant.'' I glare at Alex and he wanted to laugh but he covers it up with a cough.

''Then?'' She continues.

I can't find the words to tell her. I don't even know what to say so I end up showing her the ring. She looks down at my ring and her eyes widen again, ''T—this is not how I wanted when I get back from London.'' She mutters under her breath before rubbing both of her hands together.


''What's your name?'' Alex seems surprised at her question and he quickly clear his throat.

''Alexander, Alexander Herrera.'' He smiles at my mother. The same smile he gave me when we first met at the bar. When I turn to look at my mom, she is already smiling back. Oh my god... I mentally face palm myself.

''Alright mom, you know Alex already.'' I try to pull her away from him but she object.

''Honey, if you're marrying this man, I need to at least know more about him.''

I see Alex smiling as he stare down at his feet. God, he's enjoying this! Well at least my mom likes him and she won't kill me after knowing this. I sigh deeply as she turn to focus on Alex again, ''Wait, I think I've seen you somewhere.'' My mother adds.

''Mom.'' I mutter.

Alex ignores me as he keep on looking at my mom, ''Ah, really?'' He nods a bit.

''Yes,'' She turns to me, ''Athena, is he perhaps someone... I know?''

''Well, he's a footballer, dad knows him.'' I shrug, not really paying attention to them.

My mother's eyes widen once more before smiling widely, ''Oh right! That's why. Your father watches football too much that I end up watching with him. You're the player from Spain aren't you?''

''Um, yes, Mrs. Delaney.'' Alex is keeping it all formal with her.

''Oh just call me, Alessa.''

I roll my eyes before walking away from them and toward the kitchen. I can't really pay much attention. She's going to think that Alex and I are fit for each other when we act lovey dovey when the fact is that this whole lovey dovey is going to end in six months. Of course, she doesn't need to know that. She for one will not approve us if that's the main reason of our marriage.

I hear the door closing but I ignore it as I take a glass of water.

''Your mother invited us for dinner tomorrow.'' Alex says from behind.

I turn around facing him, seeing that he's also grabbing a glass of water. He continues to drink without even glancing at him. I end up staring at him until he looks up at me, ''What?'' He takes another sip.

''Well, this isn't what I expected.'' I mutter under my breath before standing right the opposite from him, the kitchen counter blocking us.

''What do you mean?'' He raises an eyebrow at me.

''I could have died earlier.'' I roll my eyes, ''She never really approves anyone easily. I can't seem to see why you're any different. She would even end up doing a background check on them before completely inviting them for dinner but how can she just let you call her by her name and invite you to dinner?''

Alex seems confused at the moment before responding, ''Athena... look,'' He puts the glass down, ''I know that she's strict and all but maybe she just sees me as a good guy. Why are you worrying too much? And even if she do a background check on me... there wouldn't be a problem because I don't have any past scandals or anything that might make her dislike me.''

Then that hit me. He doesn't have any past scandals?
''Wait... how come you have been single for three years?''

I don't expect him to reply and just walk away but he shrugs before licking his lower lip, ''I don't even realise I have been single for three years.''

''How come?'' I raise an eyebrow at him.

Alex chuckles a bit, ''I don't see the point in having a relationship. I'm not really good in commitment either so...'' He shrugs, ''I just go out and have fun with my friends but I'm not the one to screw people over.''

''So you don't have any one night stands?'' I am asking too many question but he seems calm answering them.

''Well, last year I did but not anymore.'' He drinks the water until the glass if empty, ''Why are you suddenly concern about my love life?'' And the same smirk appears. I drink the water quickly trying to avoid answering him but I can't stand the way he's staring at me.

So I changed the subject.
''I can't believe it that you're not good in commitment but you agree to marry me—wait no, I mean, you agree with Simon about this, about us.'' I say.

''Good question because I don't really know the answer to that,'' He replies casually.

I stand up putting my glass in the sink before walking toward the living room.

''You don't have work tomorrow?'' I hear him ask from behind.

''I quit my job.''

Alex is already lounging on the couch as he looks at me, ''Why?''

''Because when the reporter finds out that I am one of them, they might accuse things and that could ruin your reputation.'' I sit on the other couch, quite far from him as I take the remote control.

''Oh, how thoughtful of you.'' He chuckles before unlocking his phone.

''Actually, when I think about it, I am also protecting my reputation.'' He looks up at me, ''So don't flatter yourself, Alex.'' I give him an evil grin before focusing on the screen.

Alex didn't bother to reply afterwards and I don't even bother to see what he's doing. He can do whatever he wants and that doesn't concern me. I can do whatever I want so he just need to back off.

It took me awhile to realise that I have been watching TV for the past four hours. Alex hasn't gone home yet because I keep on hearing him going back and forth from the kitchen. He would take some snacks before walking back and lounge on the couch. Whenever I take a glance at him, he would either play with his phone or end up sleeping.

I end up yawning and when I turn to look at Alex again, he has already drop his phone and his eyes are closed completely. His breathing is slow as his chest move up and down. He looks calm when he sleeps. I smile a little before standing up and walk toward him.

I, myself don't even know why I have the courage to be close with him and study his face. I bend so close to him that I can count his long thick eyelashes and see how his lips are a little bit chapped yet they are still pink—temptingly pink. I look up to see that he is slightly frowning so I move my index finger to press lightly between his eyebrows.

He stops frowning and I chuckle lightly. I stand up slowly but to find Alex pull me by the waist. I yelp and I end up falling on top of him. I look up to him before trying to release myself but he keeps his hands secure around my waist. His eyes are still closed, they didn't even bother to open.

''Alex.'' I hiss at him as I try to free myself, ''Let go.''

His index finger moves up to my lips, gesturing me to shut up. My eyes widen as he holds me tightly again.

''Alex.'' I groan lightly but all he does is just tightening his grip, ''Let go of me.''

Alex groan a bit and he sounded sexy, god, he sounded like a sexy Greek god. My mom would definitely do everything to see this sight of him, jokes. I keep on saying his name for the past ten minutes and ask him to let go of me but he keeps quiet. He looks like he doesn't even hear me and he is in his deep sleep.

I end up being tired so I put my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. His heartbeat is beating calmly. He surely is in a deep sleep, he doesn't even feel me.

His grip on my waist loosening and I can just walk away and run toward my bedroom but I can't seem to find myself moving. I just rest my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, they calm me down, making me feel safe.

I love how his hands are on my waist, somehow giving me the warmth I need.

Slowly, I move my hands up to his shoulders and snuggle a little closer to his neck. Alex doesn't seem to move so I smile a little before closing my eyes. After a few minutes, I drifted to sleep with him.

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