Chapter 74

RIGHT after hearing the terrifying voice of the Great Witch, the Særi ust Trūx didn't waste time. He ordered a strict boundary restriction between three main lands of Demetrius and provided additional Krysts on every fortress to ensure that no one would be able to infiltrate the kingdom.

Chloe had been asleep for a week. Jared came home, carrying her unconscious form. He told Lucian and the others that she had been in pain for an unknown reason. Blaise couldn't find fault and her health was not affected. However, no one could explain what happened to Chloe.

The Krystalline Academy became stricter. Students aren't allowed to come and go as they pleased and so they were required to stay at the academy until the masters deemed them strong enough to face any danger. Lucian and his friends were forced to stay there and leave Chloe in Jucel Greyn's care.

Jucel sighed as she sat beside Chloe's bed. "You better wake up, Chloe. Things are not good in this side."


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