Chapter 116

CHLOE was awoken by a gentle voice calling out her name. She scrunched her eyebrows together as she slowly opened her eyes, only to close it once again when the light coming from the window blinded her.

She groaned and moved her head, realizing that she was lying on her bed with the blanket covering her half body. A shadow blocked the light from the window and she sighed in relief.

“Chloe, it’s already noontime. We need to go back to the Krystalline Academy now.” It was the voice of Jucel Greyn, her soft-spoken silver-haired best friend. There were shuffles around the room; Chloe could only guess that Jucel was preparing their things.

“Just a bit,” Chloe rasped and proceeded to rub her eyes out of her sleep. She didn’t remember going to bed last night. All she could remember was that her foster parents and Tara of the Wild visited her. And what was that dream? She could absolutely feel all kinds of pain, grief and suffering that even until now it bothered her.

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