Chapter 118

WHILE Chloe enjoyed the silent leisure of eating with her brother Lucian and their friends, she was not entirely hidden from the attention of the awed Krystalline students. They were shamelessly staring at her once in a while, most of them trying to catch a glimpse of the infamous young 27th Blood Star that invaded the Galenus Arena under the hideous name Bella the Werewolf. While many were awestruck by that, some didn't particularly like on how she gained her fame.

At the end of the second table, just across the table where Chloe and her friends were sitting, sat a group of young men and women. The girls were outrightly glaring at Chloe Rein who laughed at something that Zabdiel and Barbie Lewelyn joked about.

One of them cluck her tongue. "It can't be helped. Chloe Rein is a Blood Star and thus, she can fo whatever she wants," she whispered, bitterness obvious in her tone.

"That's not a reason to flaunt her power and strength and kill in that arena. She's just an

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