Chapter 119

"WAS there anything that could help us determine the Great Witch's vessel?" Chloe asked Jucel.

"Vessel?" Clive butted in. They all had a confused look in their faces that Chloe forgot they were in the present times wherein both Blood Star and Great Witch were almost legends itself.

Chloe inhaled the cold air and then she exhaled through her slightly opened mouth. The fog coming from her breath was thicker than the other nights. "I'm having dreams about the war that occured more than fifty years ago."

"Is that something beneficial with a Blood Star Shaula as your 'mentor'?" Blaise asked with a playful grin. He was back to earth.

Thankfully, Chloe sighed inwardly. She ignored his remarks all at once. "These dreams were about the time when General Dana still had to conquer the lands of Eriya and Karhan. It is now called Deirdre and Markus, respectively."

"Wow..." Zabdiel mused. "That's a story I often hear from my mothers and clan elders. But it must be ni

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