Chapter 126

THE FOUR of them was never that fast to snap their heads towards the owner of the voice that Chloe could literally hear the dangerously loud cracks coming from their necks. Not far from them, a silhouette was almost clinging to the tree trunk.

Barbie, Blaise and Kieran couldn't see much, but Chloe can. The body was hunched against the tree and its dress were tattered and tainted with dried blood. She could see the face because its long black hair was almost covering it. One thing was for sure. The body was that of a female and it's injured.

"Blaise!" Chloe called as she moved past the trio and hurried to the direction of the woman. He immediately knew why she called him so he followed.

As soon as they got to the female's spot, Chloe paled. "Drêy Zillah!"

Blaise froze while Barbie and Kieran walked briskly towards Zillah. Chloe immediately kneeled beside the semi-conscious princess and moved her long hair away from her face in a careful way. Zillah's face was

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