Chapter 175

Prince Ciaran found Chloe at the rooftop of the Eshmirald Tower, facing the Agatē Tower. Her hood was still covering her head and she seemed totally fine after that battle with Thēna.

"Why do you have to do that?" He voiced out as he moved to her side.

Chloe didn't look at him but she acknowledged him with the tilt of her head. "It's necessary," Chloe answered indifferently. "It's a win or lose. Have you heard of the prize?"

The crown prince smiled. But he didn't say anything.

Chloe seemed to turn her head to him. Say that you love me and you want to win this for me, Chloe. For us. Chloe looked back to the empty and abandoned tower. "If I am going to win the tournament, I will be able to lead the Krysts and the soldiers. They will see my power and what I can do to protect this kingdom. Do you see the prize now?"

Each word stabbed his heart. Her tone was completely void of any emotion that gives him hope. That she still wanted him. "Chloe..." He began and she tense
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