''We should go with blue, it'll be perfect.'' The queen says, pointing at the dark blue as she glances at my direction for a few seconds—trying to see whether I'm catching up or not but honestly, I've been sitting here; like an ultimate fool.

''Blue? I'm thinking red,'' Dian says.

They have been arguing about what colour my dress should be during my engagement party with Emery and each time I was trying to speak up, Dian would cut me into it; pointing out more colours.

''Well, I was wondering if—'' I say but the queen frowns, pointing at the colour brown before denying Dian's choice.

They both have been arguing about the colour for the past hour; letting me sit here and watch their every movement. I let out a deep sigh before stepping up and exiting the room, not wanting to hear them arguing—they didn't even notice me leaving.

Dian was also pointing out as if she's planning her own engagement instead of mine and due to that, I felt like it was no use to join their conversation about colours. It'll be a waste; knowing that they won't even give me a chance to speak.

I close the door behind me, sighing once more.

As I look down the hallway, I see Emery staring out the window—without even realising that I'm making my way towards him; slowly, not wanting to wake him up from his trance. Ever since our kiss last night, it's slightly awkward to be around each other.

Once we're close enough, I stop walking and look up at Emery from the side—seeing a better side of his profile. Within seconds, he turns to look down at me; his face showing no expression. Our eyes are looking deeply without uttering a single word, only enjoying each other's presence. 

All of a sudden, his lips curve up into a small smile, ''Have you been stalking me, Faye?'' He asks, earning a chuckle from me.

''That's far from what I've been doing,'' I reply.

He chuckles before we both end up in silence once more. I try to avoid his stare but I always look back at him and feel as if his stare is giving me different feelings from different levels.

For once, we finally realise how our stares manage to make us feel lost—leaving us speechless. He clears his throat, ''Shouldn't you be with my mother?'' He asks.

''Your mother and Dian have been arguing about what colour should my engagement dress be. I guess it'll be best if I stay out of their argument,'' I reply, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear before looking up at him again.

''That's not new,'' He chuckles.

I smile before seeing that he has been eyeing my lips for the past few seconds and me smiling only made it worse. He continues to look at me before looking back at my eyes—blinking as he do so, ''I thought so,'' I mutter.

''You thought so?'' He raises an eyebrow, closing the distance between us.

He caresses the side of my cheek with his hand, letting me feel his warmth radiating. Within seconds, volts of electricity passes through my veins—leaving me slightly breathless at the effect. I blink a few times, wanting to make sure that I'm not dreaming, ''Do you feel it?'' I ask, my voice low.

''Feel what?'' He questions.

''This,'' I reply, touching the side of his cheek and our eyes widen, feeling the spark hitting us once more. Due to that, I know he felt every spark that has been flowing through my body ever since we first touched but of course, he must've thought it as something delusional.

''It's hard to not feel, Emma.'' He says.

Then, his hand is lifting my face up so we would be facing each other in a way that I barely understand. He glances down at my lips for a few seconds before looking back up into my eyes; probably questioning himself.

My lips are parting before I slowly lean in towards him, brushing our noses together—earning myself a surprised gesture from him but he regains by snuggling closer, letting our lips brush against one another. Inches apart but it feels so far away with the uncertainty.

''Go ahead,'' I mutter under my breath.

My eyes are glancing up at his eyes, seeing that they are focusing at my lips but he doesn't seem to be leaning in. He seems to be arguing with himself on whether this could be the right or wrong decision we're making. He could entirely be wrong or the opposite actually.

I cup onto his face as soon as his lips meet mine in an everlasting touch, leaving me deepening the kiss. Both of our eyes are closed and we're left enjoying the kiss, the feeling and the sensation. Slowly, I feel his hands on my waist before pulling me close towards him; letting our bodies touch.

The kiss is passionately slow yet for some reason, it feels like we're showing something through this kiss instead of a plain one. The way he holds me against the waist and the way my hands are cupping onto his cheek while I feel the warmth of his skin—it's the first time of me to feel this way after my little heartbreak in high school.

What surprises me is that we're both sober and perfectly aware of what's happening.

I slowly break the kiss before resting my forehead against his, catching up my breath while he does the same. My hands won't stop touching his face and I can't seem to get my mind off of our kiss—it seemed too perfect.

Even though our noses are still brushing against one another and even though we're both showing signs of continuing the kiss, I don't seem to mind; it feels like I'm encouraging him in every way possible.

I finally know what it feels like being kissed by a prince—like one of those Disney movies.

I look up into his brown eyes and see him still looking down at my lips while clenching his jaw; probably holding himself back from giving in. He pecks one last time on my lips before moving back, loosening the grip of his hands on my waist.

We both pull away from each other, suddenly feel the fear of giving in. The fear of wanting each other very badly that it can cause us to immediately complicate things.

''I can go back in with you if you like,'' He says, breaking the awkwardness between us.

''I'd like that,'' I reply.

We both walk side by side before entering the room where the queen and Dian are having their argument. As soon as they see us inside, they both stop arguing and turn to look at us in surprise—both of their eyes wide in respond.

''Emery, I didn't see you there.'' Dian says.

He takes a few steps towards them, ''Of course, you were busy arguing with my mother. I can definitely see that,'' He says, gesturing for me to sit on the chair beside him.

Once I'm seated down, I continue to look up at him while the queen and Dian continues to have their argument about the colour. I start to chuckle once I see Emery rolling his eyes in annoyance. 

''I thought we agreed on this, Your Majesty.'' Dian says.

''No, I thought we said green.'' The queen replies, shaking her head in disagreement while Emery and I watch them with smirks on our faces.

As I look up at Emery, I see him clapping his hand in front of my face, causing both Dian and his mother to look at us. My eyes wouldn't leave his face and my lips are grinning into a smile while he looks at them, ''I'm thankful that both of you are actually participating for our engagement party but I would love it if only Emma and I decide,'' He says, stating the truth and my thoughts.

The queen clears her throat, ''Of course.''

Emery sits beside me, glancing at my direction for a few seconds before taking the catalogue on the desk and flipping through the pages.

''What colour do you want your dress to be?''

I look up at him, seeing that he's waiting for my answer so I quickly respond, ''Beige, if that's okay with you?'' I answer and he nods, agreeing.

''You'll look pretty in any colour,'' He replies.

My cheeks heat up as soon as possible before he starts to ask the next question on the next page, ''You can choose the kind of dress you like and how you want the designs to be, it's all up on you. That's settled,'' He says, closing the catalogue before looking up at his mother.

''See, it's not that hard.'' He adds.

''I suppose,'' The queen mutters under her breath as she looks at us in surprise while Dian continues to have her eyes on Emery's face.

''Now, will you excuse us, we have things to settle before they are left undone.'' He says, glancing down at me for a few seconds before pulling me up by the hand as we walk out of the room—leaving the queen and Dian inside.

Once we're out, he looks down at our entwined hands, realising that we're actually holding hands. Within seconds, he looks up at me before letting go of my hand and clearing his throat while I feel my cheeks heat up.

''Uh, I have things to do. I'll be around when you need me,'' He says before walking down the hall—after glancing one last time at me.

I continue to stare at his broad shoulders until he's finally out of sight, leaving me here. All of a sudden, I feel a presence behind me; making me turn to see Dian looking at me before closing the distance between us, ''I didn't see you there,'' I say.

''Obviously,'' She rolls her eyes.

I am left surprised by her attitude but from the glares or stares that she has been giving me, it has proven me enough that she dislikes me. Probably a bit more than I can expect.

''I'm pretty sure you are considering yourself lucky right now due to the fact that you're marrying Emery, the prince of Cambridge. Just know one thing, you are and always will be a commoner.'' She says while I take a moment to eye her, slightly confused.

''I don't think I understand,'' I reply.

She takes a few steps closer, ''Oh, you understand me very well. There are a lot of girls like you, out there, taking advantage just because you're marrying into royalty.'' She adds, crossing her arms.

''Excuse me but let me make it clear for you, Lady Dian but I am here for the sake of—'' I say but someone cuts me off.

''—our love,'' I turn to see Emery standing behind me before nearing me with his steps. Dian looks at Emery as she continues to cross her arms, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

''That's very honest of you,'' She points out.

''There's two things that we all need in a relationship, honesty and trust. If you want me to keep on going—'' He says, looking directly at Dian.

''No, save it.'' She shakes her head, walking down the hall without a second glance; which causes me look at Emery in confusion.

''What was that?'' I raise an eyebrow.

He sighs deeply, ''No one can know about the agreement, Emma. Only our parents know because it can risk both of us if someone ever finds out about it.'' He replies.

''What do you mean? It's just an agreement where you and I have to get married for the sake our great-grandparents,'' I throw both of my hands up in the air; not knowing why we should keep it a secret.

Emery looks straight into my eyes, somehow I can hear him sighing again, ''Are you serious? If they find out about the agreement, they will know that I am only allowed to marry you. If I don't marry you, I won't be able to marry anyone else. If I don't marry someone, I won't have an heir. Without an heir, my title and my family will crumble. We will fall,'' He explains, closing the distance between us.

''When someone finds out about this, they'll use it as an advantage. They'll harm you to watch me fall so that they can take my place. Even though Dian is my cousin, I can't trust anyone; not when it comes to this.'' He adds, leaving me speechless at this statement.

Emery stated the truth; it's no lie that he will fall if they know. They will probably try to harm me just so Emery won't be able to marry me nor anyone else, leaving him heirless.

I breathe out, ''What if I'm not capable of giving you an heir?'' I ask; completely out of topic but it's highly possible.

His eyes widen slightly before he starts to frown, realising what I asked was the a possibility. It can happen to anyone and it can either be me or him who has problems—we won't know, not until then.

''I don't have an answer to that,'' He replies.

''Me neither,'' I mutter under my breath, ''I'm sorry for bringing that topic but it can happen, it's a possibility. If it hits me, you marry me for nothing—no heir. You'll end up falling anyway,'' I add. 

Then, he clenches his jaw, ''It won't hit you, it won't happen to us. We can't predict the future and we won't know what will happen but whatever it is, we'll get through it.'' He says, slightly touching the side of my cheek with a small smile on his face.

''Both of our lives are at stake, we don't live in safety even when we're married—they can make us fall, it doesn't matter when.'' He adds, glancing down at my lips for a few seconds as he takes a few steps back; leaving me nodding, agreeing.

''So much for being royalty,'' I joke.

''Everything has a price,'' He says.

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