I'm sorry

❤Adrian Jaylene❤ 

When she came closer to me and told me to leave. That's when I saw the hurt in her eyes. Did what I said really happen to her!? I felt like a deep whole in my heart. It hurt me as well but no one could see that. when she looked into my eyes, I felt weak everywhere. I was about to live when something told me to apologize. (I never apologize to anyone. Even when I'm wrong. Why would do that now?). I ignored the voice and left. The whole night I couldn't heart hurt for reasons I don't know. This has never happened to me. 

The next morning, I was training in the gym with Blaze. (anyone who works in our company that is close to our family most learn how to fight. there are so many enemies around). Billie had to join us. But till now, she's not. 

I was about sending Blaze to call her. When she came in. Her eyes looked a little swollen..that distracted me. So, I stopped and went closer to her and said. 

"How are you feeling?" she looked at as if I

was talking Spanish..she was about to walk away..I hate that so much but just swallowed my anger and said 

"I'm sorry" she turned around and said 

"For?" I gave her a confused look..I

didn't know what to say again. she smirked and chuckled. Then moved away. Did she just make a fool out of me! Damn!! I'll help you play this game if that's what you want..I went back to my boxing. while Blaze was teaching her beginners techniques. 

❤Billie Rolene❤ 

We were done with our sports and we showered and went down to the restaurant to eat. And I realized, the

lifter we took people

don't get in, except us.


I'm realizing

it's the same

lifter we took when we came. Like a Private

lifter. Wait a minute..I asked Blaze when we were all inside.. 

"Blaze why are we taking a private lifter?" 

"Isn't it's obvious Billie! How did you even become my secretary?" Adrian said looking at me..I bet he was teasing me.  

"Since when did your name become Blaze!" I said and Blaze cleared his throat and said 

"This hotel is ours and it's one of biggest in this country. We have so many others in different countries. But I'll biggest is in California- Los Angeles and the other in NYC" we were all silent till we arrived in the restaurant. No wander then, people were looking at us like that. 

We were about to take our sits when Elsa came in. Adrian got up and greeted her with surprise. she joined us in our meals as they were discussing some things..I didn't want to put my ear in it..I saw the way she was looking at Adrian and wanted to laugh. and I did. Everyone turn to me like I was crazy and Adrian said 

"What the fuck is up with you?" I was still laughing then I stopped and said 

"What's up with me! should ask yourself that question. Don't you see the way this beautiful lady is looking at you. Like she found her world in you. And you sit there like a coward which you are. No offence!" Elsa puts her head down like she is shy..I drank my wine like I was the only one on this table..I felt his intense gaze on me. while Blaze just coughed and drank water. 

"Elsa are you sure that was the only reason you came here?" Adrian asked. We (me and blaze) jacked our heads so fast like children who head candies waiting for her response. She saw our intense gaze and just nodded. Adrian looked at her for a while. Like he doesn't believe her response. We ate and she said she'll love to stay. Adrian said she can't. So, she left. I know she has feelings for Adrian. Why does she keep hiding it?

It's better she tells him now before it's too late. 

when she left, we went up...Blaze left to his room. When he disappearedI

didn't know someone was standing behind me as I was about to go, Adrian held my hand tight and pushed me to the wall hard. I moaned in pain...and he said threatening me 

"How does it feel!? (he said in a mockery way. If you repeat what you did down stairs and what you did in the gym next time, you going to have to fight me to go free!" he said and left. I just stood there dumbfounded. 

❤Sarah Rolene❤ 

It's been 2days from the day I

talked with Billie. I'll be talking with her dad's been 2hrs from the time we spoke about. what the hell is taking him so long. After some time, he got in. I said 

"What took you so long Josh?" he didn't

reply. He just sat next to me like he so exhausted 

"Baby what's wrong? you look tired. we can talk next time if you want" 

"Where's my Baby girl?" I looked at him confused and wanted to speak when he spoke 

"I can't believe you let her close to that family after what we discussed!" he turns towards me. with so many emotions in his eyes. 

"That's why I called you here. it happened so fast. She can't run forever" I said he looked at me in disbelieve 

"You have no idea the trouble you have brought upon your daughter. her life is in danger right now. Do you really want to know why I stayed? Someone is following us. I couldn't come straight here..I needed somewhere to hide." 

"What! Alright.

we'll figure that out. what's most important now is...Harriet still lives there...I don't trust that bitch Josh" 

"Oh no! she most has found out by now who Billie is...?" 

"Trust me, there's more to that. Adrian brought Billie to their family house and she spent a night there for business proposes..and right now, they're in Italy." 

"That's dangerous. Adrian doesn't know who he is yes. And staying there with her. He won't be able control his power because the more they spend time together the more he realizes who he is. And definitely the more people will find out about them." I just looked at him blankly. Is that how bad this is? it scares! 

❤.....❤ Protection Status